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Horror movies, Anime/Manga, Writing, and Art.
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    alexis claflin
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Aha! Well played. *applauds*
Her boobies...I wanna poke them. And his abs. Mmmhm. *pokepoke*

Taisho is so adorable. =)
owow. p.Jesse is the best. <333

Char: *ascared*
=D Yay! <3 *loffs giver*
August 7th, 2007
D= Shes a crack dealah!
It's the album cover for The Division Bell by Pink Floyd.

<3 The Floyd.
Actually, I think Star Trek came up with that first with the Borg. =) They have nanotechnology in their bloodstream.
In the name of loove...
It's not manga.
March 9th, 2007
Oh man, I love Ryo. He's so cute! I'ma gonna steal him.
=O I think I figured it out! Was this drawn by JKN? =D
Ohh, that ominous showing of Drake's tail is pretty neat. It's just hanging out there saying, "come closer, ill hang ya!" D=
oh my goodness it's so cute! I can't wait to try and figure out who did this one for me! Thank you so much!
Man, they look PISSED. =D Your nighttime coloring is really really goooood. So awesome.
That poor poor feline friend of mine. It's okay, cats always land on their feet. =D