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ohohohoh :DDD
he is so unamused lmaooo xD
@I.D.K.B.I.C.: nonono haha im just as lazy! but yesh we shall get much work done this break! :D
We are taking a while to come up with what we want to do with the comic but here is a little something for your patience! Thank you so much!
The exaggeration of expression in this comic makes me so happy xD <3
Love the writing! :D The new style is very pleasing! Zivy <3 Im back haha
sharp tongue xD and i made my first page for my independent comic Lollipop Dive :3 Im still waiting for IDKBIC to make the newer page :P I have way too many stories in my head xD but i am slowly making progress on the stories of them lol btw love the art! <3
^ second this notion xD
@RocketChan- why thank you beloved fan!! <3 It is an exceptional movie! c: Thank you for catching the reference! I love you 2 :D
i am foretelling that the kitty is going to speak xDD
Great looking page! glad your back cant wait for more! :3 im getting less busy too so im starting up my comics again xD
Yeah thats my fault too :x ill draw story boards and stuff we just need to call each other that way we can make multiple pages and post once a week...were still going to do the i do one page you do one page thing but my style has definitely changed as well and my admittance to college is a long and time consuming process, also senior year wrapping up im very busy as well. This comic holds a very special place in my heart but it means nothing without you sai and if it wasnt for me meeting you it would never of been created! xD But i dont care if it takes until we are sixty to finish im just glad you are trying, it really means a lot!! Dx Cant wait for the new page! I'll start making those story boards!:3
@keita- i knoooooooooo xD should of made it strip poker xDDD
OMFG i swear!YOu never cease to crack me up! i love you! xD
Cooli! xD I was like omg shes not responding..... SHE DOESN'T LOVE ME ANYMORE!!!!! ;^; Dx but i feel better nao lol.
Yes Hiro contradicts himself very much xD he'll dress like a female and still expect others to know he's a male xD
Awesome! party party semester ish done! *party popper goes off * xF
Also ja ja ja ja ze IDs xD
And i <3 randomnesss!!!! post iiiitttttt xDDDDDDDDDDD
Perspective :P i try, i should get some credit for that xD anywho still thinking of what to do for the fan picture! Any suggestions??
Aww aiden, your so socially awkward <3
And David is like its on now! if its one thing i know how to do it's eat cookies lke a pro, and whoop ass in games, and if im really beast-ing ill whoop ass while eating cookies like a pro BOOYAAAAAH!!!!!!!! xD