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Old account: Minten
But since I feel great dislike towards the name of this account I decided to make yet another one ...
It's Qlock now:

It's gonna be the last one, I swear.
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Yay, update! 8D
Like how your style is turning out, especially how you're dhading the noses .. xD
I don't really think is action would have to be explained. xD Poor Haru, what ahve you gotten yourself into?
One of my greatest delights while reading Mortifer, is to see Zebi being mean. So this page made me happy. c:

The new style is looking good so far too.
Ooooh ... Hahaha. You actually got me here. At first I was pretty sure Valentine was still alive, but since it's been so long since that chapter, I kinda started to believe that yes, he was actually dead. xD

Or maybe he was dead. Zebi just took him back with him when he visited hell. 8D
Naw, he's so cute with short hair! xD
haha, Elof typ: "Han följde efter mig hem, pappa vi kan väl behålla honom!" xD underbart.
Yeeah, go Alex!
Dude, wtf? Best page ever that's for sure! XD (even Vlad is losing his cool, yeah!)
woah ... that's what i call a house. sure, it's for free, but Arthur you should know that all cheap houses is a sign of a horrible death. Run while you still can! 8D
You know I've noticed your trees have imporved lately. Nice job. 8D
Piggy, your new avatar creeps me out. D:
anyway .... baby time! :D but ... too early? hope it will be okay.
xD I went over here from DA and thought I'd see some messege telling the same thing as before but ... this beats every 1st april joke ever done in a webcomic. xD
bringing an umbrella to a gun fight seems to be all right. :D I'll remember that next time I get in trouble. xD
I kinda did guess it, just was too lazy to comment like I always am. xD I also thought it could be Zebi, buuut I guess if it was him, Joey would have recognized him when they first met. :d
It's a good comic when you manage to get someone sad because the loss of a server. D:

At least he wen down figthing ... for freedom! Or something.
You can molest us just as much as you want to! Never said it before but this is a very good and most hilarious comic. I'm not into BL and stuff at all, but this is just too funny to miss. x) Keep the pages coming, we love them.
Hahaha! XD My favourite page so far.
Woah, chapter 33 ... It's not too much left of this comic then! D: Almost can't believe it's almsot 10 chapters since Val died. Feels like it was just yesterday.
Anyway ... put as much detail as you want to, I say. More detauls gives more practice! 8D Kinda.
And of course: Great job on finishing another chapter! It was a good read! Makes me pumped to draw on my comics too. ;)
December 11th, 2009
Hey, Andy. If you improvd your aim you might not have to have so many guns on you. 8D

Anyway, good job on the new page.
what? and they didn't see it sooner? those two must be the worst cops ever. XD