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August 15th, 2011
This looks good 8D I can't wait to see more pages <3
AAAAAAAAAAA I was all pumped up to see what happened next but there's no pages after this yet /crey

Oh, poor Toki, I'm sure that Rina won't hate you. MAYBE SHE LIKES BISHI BOYS, TOO?!
Ah yes, I can read Unown, fourth panel says "Fine, ignore me"
sixth panel, like someone said is 'see if I care'
Boredom is back
Well that was fun to figure out~! I love puzzles :3
Don't die on me! Toki, you're too uberly cute and you've only gotten one kiss!! I need more boy love with you and Mac >P

aww, Toki is so adorable >ww< Can't wait for the next update~!
October 3rd, 2009
awww, he's crying D8
But he's so just asking for rape with that outfit there XDD
d'awwwwwwww, last panel sheep ish adorwable 8D
Haha XD Dood! Awesome there's an update >ww<
Nice~ I just got caught up with your comic about 20 minutes ago XD Yey for a new update so soon after I finally caught up <3
Awww, poor Toki D8 He needs to realize that he just became a very lucky guy D8
I just had to...for once...steal a con's virginity...and I've done it now...*gasp* ohmigawd Toki =D You just got to kiss a hot dog-boy, god damn you lucky guy!
Ohmigawd a cliffhanger!! So yeah...HOW DARE YOU D< Toki such a cutie...and the burglar is a hottie >D