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My name is Katt, but you can also call me Kyatto-chan X3
I love manga and anime and when I have time I just love to draw its one of the few joys that really makes me happy and burst with joy well other than horse back riding
I just love to laugh and I'm a sucker for a good romance with plenty of angst and jelousy >=3 I hate Yoai and girl on girl ( forgot the word for it -3-;;; ) so dun expect any of dat stuff from me okats? good X3
I hope to eventually start posting web-comics (well if I can stop being a stinky ole' procrastinator =3= )
I hope to eventualy start posting but for now I shall read your web-comics and enjoy lol
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=w= pfff this page made me giggle..... >w>;; I guess that would seem wierd
As soon as I saw the first panel I thought " HA theres gunna be an ass whoopin'" and then there WAS QWQ xDD
I thought it was really easy to understand so dont worry xD
LOL but you DO have Jun confused xD
QWQ I missed them xD
I see perianis still the sexy douche that he has been xDD
TwT fff ferget pikachu and psyduck Ill take perian and meowth LMAO
......VOLTORB Q3Q!!!!
man this page made even me feel akward with the silence after the whole 'almost rape' thing o3o *wants to know what happens next*
AHH poor Ash Ill save you D8 *is shot by the rape-lovers*
DARN just missed the virginity xDDD;;
And it may not be the most exciting page but its still really well drawn and Pika looks smexy xD
OAO I bet this is a side effect of Horny's powers xDD
O_O Chiiiill pika there are plenty of other cute boys out thier xD
*any childish mentality of pokemon is shot* lol
QAQ omg this is getting so intense xD
oAo.....this is getting intense
=A= I will never agin be able to look at littl pikachu the same way again xD lol
>8D its psyducks phsycic powers making ash give in so he can have misty all to himself
lol xD but thats my logic

EDIT: must have been on crack when I typed this =A= YES I realize that the voice is in Pika's head so ignore this
D8 Oh hot damn!!!!!
Sooo evil oAo
maybe pika's bipolar =w=
OMG I was soo excited to see this in the updates QWQ
.....this is the ONE pokemon from Kanto that I ALWAYS ferget about
lol my first ever pokemon was Gold and I named my rival Rival every single time =w=;;
QAQ .... Ive been trying to draw horses for years and your rapidash make mine look like crap ...
LOL xD Great comic so far its really cute and has very good artwork, with lots of lulz
January 31st, 2010
....=w= You think he would get the hint but no ... sadly no xD
D8 Nuuuu
Your art is so lovley =w=
Thats all I have to say