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Pardon the lack of updates these past few weeks, things have been a little hectic around here what with Hurricane Maria's aftermath and my senior year of high school (as well as my lazyness when it comes to making battle sprites). Next page coming soon.
Careful what you wish for.
Here's part two; not exactly the biggest fan of this one myself considering this was mostly set-up for the next part, but I hope you still like it. Next part should be something more entertaining, so stay tuned.
I'm doing this miniseries as a one-time thing for now, though I
wouldn't mind working on other new stuff in the future. I've been getting back into spriting recently, so it'd be pretty nice to put those skills to use on something fun. I can prolly send you my current sprites if you want to hop in on this as well.

Great to see you again, by the way; it's really been a while ^^
It's... been a while, eh?

Thought I'd stop by on my old account and post a few things. I really don't know why I'm doing this; I doubt anyone is even on here anymore, or if they'd care, but eh. Kinda felt like revisiting the old place.

Enjoy the miniseries, I guess.

EDIT: Next page is gonna have to wait for a while due to Hurricane Maria's passing over Puerto Rico leaving me without power and with no way to make more pages. Stay tuned.
@jeffreyex damn straight

Wait, why am I replying to a comment from 2011?
@Charlotte057: Please read the latest comic :)

Cleared all comments due to this becoming a stupid-ass argument about Zash's (now old) sprites.

(Too late, I know)
hai I be fan #69

Grats to all who won! :D
Did she, like, get impaled right in the brain?
Didn't notice this updated xD

Can't wait for next!
*reads past comments*
*deletes all comments by myself*
NO HARPUIA!!!!1!!!!one!!!11

Can I cameo?