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Lucius Kelax
Eat, sleep, do homework, make sprites, do other work, sleep, repeat.
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    I. C. Weighner
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Is Doctor Mario really on their side? Or is he just snooping as usual?
Damn, that sunset looks really nice.
Is Leomon dead already?
You made twelve more pages? You must be serious. I'll follow this.
Lucius Kelax
September 17th, 2014
@Light-Called-Hope: They're young kids to me. I feel old now.
One android in a city without proper roofing is faced with a flooding nightmare.
This was my attempt at creating a surreal, dreamlike scene.
I'm gonna upload some sprites and backgrounds I'm doing as practice here.

Currently accepting cameos and roles.

Sign-up rules: Obviously, most of the main characters will be human, and others will atleast look human. JUS/JSS style preferred, but others are accepted as long as they don't stick out too badly. Include bios and sprite sheets. Entries will be accepted through pm.
Sorry about the long break. College started up again, so I'll be kinda busy. To compensate, I'm gonna try to make longer pages and put them out once every week or two.

Carry on.
When I wrote the outlines for the other pages, I didn't know exactly what I was going to do, so some of them look way different than what I originally planned.

Those first four panels, though? That's exactly how it was in my mind when I wrote it.
This page was the most fun for me to work on so far. Anybody wanna guess why?
Hi. If this is the latest page when you read this, then refresh the page because two more will probably be up by the time you finish reading this sentence.
As you can see, his plan to silently stalk his adversary had no flaws in it whatsoever.
I didn't picture Lucius being this geeky and whimsical when I wrote the page. I dunno, maybe it was something in that drink on page 4?
@godmoderncommander: And suddenly every dwarf on the planet was outraged.
I'm thinking about making a comic where each page is a separate idea for a story and I see what people think of them.
Just a simple dog. Or is it?
And so this gunman has agreed to take down this man who apparently cannot be harmed by bullets. How will it end?