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September 4th, 2013
*clicks next* ... *clicks next* ... Y U NO NEXT D':
Her apron speaks the truth <3
my breathe went irregular omfg <3
Bhyuvcfdsertyukvcfdswerfgbnkloop. OAO that just made my day <3
June 25th, 2010
Why couldn't you let there little time together longerrr before his mum came nuuu
I love your art technique. The syling is so beautiful especially your use of facials.
The last panel- His face is priceless! XD
Ren is so cute!! :)
Im pretty sure it is Yuki. Gooosh i love fruits basket 'u'
*keeps trying to click the next button*
January 18th, 2010
woow they went from looking like 16 to 25.. aw well still hoot.
There all screwed naow.
oohh shit, bitch u in troouble.
Clover- Monday!... .. . ..theres someone at the door... =_O
ohoho i love this comic <3
The last panel is GOLD.
Fk i love this comic OUO
naaw clover is so cute under tht blanket.
Naaaw Monday D: clover you fuck, i still love you tho <3 owo
rotflmao at mondays angry face. akubserhnjk seexy!
Hes still hot but with long hair it was smexy aas!