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XIII o'clock
I'm in marching band, I play the flute, I cuss more online than I do in real life. :B

As far as comics go, I have a few planned, and I'll be working all this yer on getting head-starts on 'em. The two that I had will be rebooted along with the others, but have been deleted so that anyone who wanted to use their titles could go on ahead. :'D

Confessions of a Pokeholic (Title Tentative):
Fancomic - Romance/Drama/Adventure(?) - HL/BL
Follows Elle, a girl of fourteen years of age, in her quest to hunt down a childhood friend who left before she could confess something to him.

I'll Always Be... (Title Tentative):
Original Comic - School Life/Drama/Comedy - GL/HL/BL
When she was ten years old, Never promised Nana that she'd always be with her, until the bitter end. Six smooth years later, it has never occured to her to break that promise, but when Nana makes a startling declaration, it set off a chain of events that make it more difficult than she could ever have imagined.

Original Comic - Fantasy/Action/Adventure
Plot Pending :: Follows the main party as they attempt to unearth the threats terrorizing a nearby village.
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XIII o'clock
October 3rd, 2010
I came,
I saw,
I faved.

(alternatively: Hay guuuuurl. :I )
Holy cow.
I'm not even sure I can fit my sheer, utter, profound amazement into a single comment. O_O
Great Jehosephat!
I love you for this. ;~; <-- tears of joy.

Your art is fantastic, and for this I shall ask you all of the mandatory questions that you should have. xD

Q1: What program(s) do you use for your comic?

Q2: About how long does it take for you to create each page?

Q3: "OMG lieK CIn u tEeCh me 2 dRaW n let me TracE ur draWnz 4 prAKtiss? ^^;"

(I apologize. You seem like a very nice person, and I have a somewhat odd sense of humor. I've discovered that most FAQs have a fake question similar to my question three just for show, so I figured I'd supply it this time)

Keep up the fantastic work! *instafavs*
I feel silly now because I read the fanfiction a few days ago. Is it bad that I laughed maniacally when I read people's "OHGOD WHO IS INTERRUPTING THEM?!" comments? xD And also: eheeeeeeh virginity taken. =w=
Your 'next' button is broken. D: