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I love reading manga's and novels :D I don't really like going out, I'd rather stay in and stare at the computer screen the whole day...drawing :p The genre's I'll be making will be mostly romantic, and confusing at some point ;___; (I'm TRYING to fix that) I'm lazy and SLOW so I might update late. ^^;

I will, sooner or later, post my own web comic here (Ugh, I hope) I'm still in the middle of fixing its plot :D
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I don't get why there are so many Anti-Prince. XD LOL, I think he's a good guy, after all. I think she'd be safer with him as well.
I have a feeling this Prince has some good intentions.

Anyway, I can't wait for the update!
Nike! ;o;

Wow, this is really awesome! I can't wait for the next page~! ♥ Good luck with all the calendars~ your fans will be patiently waiting ;D
Me too~ So cute :D
I have a feeling that Hades will choose Metis as his consort, then might kill her later on (knowing that she is a spy) and that caused Zeus's resentment over him? LOL, can't wait for an update!
How cute! XDDD
Cronus might rape the son that was going to kill him.

Srsly. XDDDD
Is it wrong to say "Bite her more! ♥"? *shot* GGHH, I was sick and tired of Vampires already TBH-- but this is just awesome. I love love LOVE Eric-- and I really love this pairing. (I know it's incest-- but NNGGG)
I don't know if it's wrong to find this page so...exciting. *shot* I mean they are siblings...but still *A* XD <3
I wish I could update as fast as you *u*
Oh cool! So glad you updated ;u; (How I wish I can say the same) I love the guy on the left <3

Literally gasped when I saw this scene. LOL, but did gasp in a good way. <3

I still don't trust Metis...but meh, they look good here. Zeus just looks so innocent and adorable~
@MoonArcher: I know about that, but since this is Zelda's version. I have a feeling it will be different. ;)

Ahh, I like Hera so much more. I love her spunk. XD
I'm getting really curious~ I wonder if Metis will sooner or later betray Zeus, causing him to become..."active"? XD
Sorry for the wait guys!
Yes, like what it says up there. I'd be updating (HALLELUJAH) Though, I'm not too sure when. Sorry if it's so boring and professional! 8D;

I'll replace this with an actual page later on :D
Thus...starts the love story...? LOL, I'm very curious as to how you're going to create Zeus's and Metis's story. ♥ Can't wait fore the next pages~
I can't wait to see the next page! *O*
Very beautifully made. ♥
January 30th, 2011
Aww D: LOL, kept on clicking the next button, you haven't updated yet. 8D

Anyway, I love the details! You're awesome at background and anatomy, the way you draw the scenes also makes the readers feel the impact of the situation :D I can't wait for the next update! This is getting really interesting~ ♥

Oh god, I absolutely love Fred. he is adorable~!
This page is epic. I absolutely love the details and the impact it brings.

Awesome job :D