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Haru needs to learn to tone down on the sparklies.

And I like how Shira's just like, EXCLAMATION MARK!
I smell delicious conflict.
Yesssss R18. We all love our porn~

Also Haru has cute feet. Just sayin'.

But... but it doesn't have to be totally rape! Dubious consent is just when they don't know/admit they want it! =D
... dubcon? *shot*

But man, I am in love with Shiratori's expression in the first panel. I usually don't go out of my way to comment on expressions. But that face just makes me dokidoki. @///@
I agree with Komapsunida. >>#

Also... I vote for cross-dressing guy~ (bonus points if Shira doesn't figure it out 'till way later in the game)
I have to say... I love Everett. =D
This is difficult but... Cinderella! >o<