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Ugh... Okay, how to start this...

My name is Linette and I'm 16 years old. I am taken by a wonderful man so don't even TRY to do anything. I'm currently a student in high school (lets hope it stays that way). I am also one of the comic artists for the school newspaper and I'm in my school's art club.

Drawing is my passion, I have been drawing for my entire life and not planning to stop. I also like to sing, I've been told I have a good voice but I disagree. I'm usually out hanging out with my friends or trying to do homework so I don't think I'll updating comics very often.
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Uh oh
I kind of see this turning into some dog fighting scheme but only with pokemon ._.
October 6th, 2010
Oh geez, Amy. D:
July 17th, 2010
I can't help but say, I LOVE THE DESK AND CHAIR OVER THERE! It is so... aligned and realistic. I know it's a sketch comic, I've been a follower for several months now but I just got back from work and seeing that just made me laugh.
You spelled thought wrong in the last panel.

But this is way too cute (: 'Even Hestia is tougher than him' Oh Zeus, if only you still had your innocence :P
March 21st, 2010
That would be so much fun!

Ha ha, Gabe is hilarious. He reminds me of me x3
Hee. I like how Jewels is that face everytime.
Can't work on my boyfriend. Erg. :/

btw, swirly brushes from
Ugh. So sloppy x.x
But its better than nothing.
Busy schedules need to die D:<
November 25th, 2009
It kind of makes me ponder on why Liam replied LMAO after Nick's message.
November 24th, 2009
Ugh. School is taking over my life, like seriously.
I never expected Junior year to actually be this freaking TOUGH.
Anyway, after this page, I think I'm going to mess around with the page layouts and such. I don't know if you guys would be getting any more comics soon, just only every now and then until I actually get my tablet. My ruler broke as well... Urg.
Hopefully, I'll have the time to work on the comics, 'cause after S.S., I'm planning on making a comic based on my own ideas :3
November 21st, 2009
Bahaha x3
I couldn't help but stop myself from busting out laughing at the last panel. Dorian just comes out of nowhere to join the hug and the look on Chloe's face is priceless.
Ugh, I am sososoSOOOO sorry for the late update guys.
School has pretty much control of my life right now.
I have a presentation to do for Mythology, Algebra 2 pretty much eats me alive, Spanish 2 is getting harder by the second, American Literature is... wow x.x I have homework pretty much every night now. Along with the PSAT tomorrow.
I also have art club this year and I'm trying to get GSA going at my school. I have to do all this while juggling with time with my boyfriend and spending my free time wisely.
Its not easy.
Anyway, to make it up to you guys. I have page 10 in progress right now (as in, its scanned and placed on my compy right now), making a new banner and doing several drawings. OH! For those that are interested.
This is my dA, feel free to check it out :3

Anyway (trying to make this a habit), time for the author comment question! *DUNDUNDUNNNNN* Any special S.S. character art you would like done?
I just giggled at myself 'cause I noticed that Murkrow is uber huge on this card, ha ha.

And also, apparently to the games, Noctowl is 5'03 ._.;
This took FOREVER to do. I'm only making color for this one since I wanted it to be fancy and all that.

I'll try to update, its just I have other stuff to do as well x.x

(Bleh, I hate this card, its so sloppy D: )
Sorry for the delay >>
I haven't had time to draw the pages and such since school and homework pretty much took over my drawing schedule. I need to write a few more pages for the comic so I won't sit there with a writer's block as well.

Today is the 6 monthiversay for Benji&I! :D We're going to dine at my mom's restaurant then go shopping and play guitar hero~

Next question by the author.

Do you name your pokemon? Your starter pokemon? What do you name it/them?

Heh. I chose a Turtwig for my Platinum and I accidentally gave it a boy name since a few hours later I found out it was a girl ._.;;
September 19th, 2009
I've been reading the comic and it has been very entertaining :)
I have to say, I'm always excited to see a new page, your work is just beautiful.

I love how the pidgey is drawn, especially how the wings look. And the look on Atty's face when he hears it, its just plain adorable.
Starter pokemon!
Whoo-hoo! Finally we get to see actual POKEMON in a POKEMON webcomic :) Ha ha.

Those who like to comment my little author's comments and such. I must ask, what is your favorite starter pokemon/set?
@TCF: Why thank you~

@stardrop: Apparently. But I guess the feeling isn't mutual, ha ha x3;;