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Hmm what to put in here? At the moment, my brain is fairly lazy and won't work. SO I don't really know what to type. Well I'll update at it at one point. I will say however is I'm a writer and if you need one, I'm your girl! Send me a message or e-mail.

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Comment on CotN ch9 pg 290 of Children of the Night
MusicDreams, 28 Apr 2015 01:53 am
To be fair, guys tend to look for qualities they find in their mother (or other female role model such as Kenneth's sister) and vice versa for girls. (Or if they had a bad role model, they'll look for the opposite qualities.)

Don't be sad, Beth! It just means that Kenneth thinks your a good person ^-^
Comment on 12 of Comedown Machine
MusicDreams, 17 Apr 2015 02:51 pm
*throws hands into the air*

Did he really expect her to fall back into his arms?? This aint no storybook romance
Comment on Triple-Threat: Page 161 of The Property of Hate
MusicDreams, 08 Feb 2015 04:01 am
Is that freaken Sok there? Is s/he (can't remeber Sok's pronoun, sorry) om nom noming that tree?
Comment on 5.02 of Hemlock
MusicDreams, 11 Dec 2013 02:49 pm
I choked because I was so surprised and pumped for this comic update.
Comment on Kane turbant of The Pirate Balthasar
MusicDreams, 16 Aug 2012 01:33 pm
Comment on CotN ch8 pg 228 of Children of the Night
MusicDreams, 11 Jun 2012 05:44 pm
Comment on chapter 9 - Page 38 of The Pirate Balthasar
MusicDreams, 29 Dec 2010 10:36 pm
tee hee
morning wood :///3
Comment on crazy oc: art meme remix of MYth
MusicDreams, 03 Mar 2010 06:56 pm


Made me laugh so hard XD
Comment on chose the next project! of ROSIER
MusicDreams, 21 Feb 2010 03:24 pm
FIVE!! Al though you should have a twist to it. ;D
Comment on 007 of I Must Confess...
MusicDreams, 02 Jan 2010 12:44 am
Always works
Make a threat to yourself! Scares the craps out of me but it works =D Love your comic by the way! Wish I had the ideas XD

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