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Full-time employment means updates slow xD Hi, I'm from the UK, just graduated a year ago ^^ I love art, anime, videogames, languages and cosplay sewing :3
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September 22nd, 2011
Had a little crisis. ;3; Hope you're all doing well! Let's see if I can do this.

Jamie, you did a thing @o@


@ Devil & M-24: You make interesting points! :0 A lot of things could happen...
@ Clare - hope you were okay :3
August 25th, 2011
Okay guys, we're back on track now :) Welcome to Chapter 5! If you didnt pick up from the journals, I've been pretty ill, and then Ayacon happened, so here (finally) is a new chapter cover~ OTL sorry for the wait.

It's Sophie!


@ Kaiya-chii - Haha, poor Jamie, so much serious, I promise he's not naturally all angry and emo :P
@ M-24 - Thanks :D I'm feeling better now, and here we are with yet more Sophie, needs her chance xD
@ Zhai - I think he's definitely been learning, anyway! :P
Hi all,

I feel awful, but Gifted won't be starting up this week. I've got the most killer head cold, it's laid me out for three days already and I suspect if I try and show my face at work tomorrow they'll boot me right back to bed again >_<

In the meantime, I'll post some concept art of Sophie for you.

Many many apologies, and hope you're enjoying the last of the summer!

~ Kel

Edit: ololol obviously ill, I forgot I was on chapter /Five/ next, not Four o_o xD *fixes*


Whelp, here we are at the end of the chapter! Once again, thanks for all your support through this. Doing the two-page a week challenge has been... tough, but I think it's going okay! It's probably also because I'm not used to doing action-y pages. But yeah! I hope you all enjoyed the ride so far. xP

Chapter 5 will begin on 14th AUGUST! 8D Look forward to seeing you all then XP


@ Kaiya - thankyou! I was always really worried about those water effects xD
@ M-24 - thanks ^^
@ Feathers - ah, I see I successfully continue to make everyone paranoid xD
@ Ryuusei - not a problem at all! I'm glad that you're still popping along every so often :D It means a lot ^^
July 24th, 2011
i-is that ice



@ M-24 - well..... xD
July 21st, 2011

Struggled so hard on the fourth panel, you should see my tears of artists pain as I had to delete the awesome foot I'd drawn and put it behind instead of in front xD


@ M-24 - Phew, that's a relief :D
July 18th, 2011
Hope this isnt too confusing, man action scenes are busy >.0

Poor Matt D:


@M-24/Feathers/Ryuusei - haha the suspense! Right? xD
@ Zhai - thanks! I worked hard on the water effects here :)
@ Kaiya-chii - yeah, poor thing ;3;
July 14th, 2011
Had so much fun with the inking on this one. I think I'm going to enjoy this!

I'm not sure if Jamie and his friends will though 8D


@ Piano - Yeeeahhh, being on the dock probably isn't going to help! ..... for /them/ anyway....
Re the comics, i left a message on your dA :3
July 11th, 2011

I think shit just got real. :P


@ Zhai - I do agree with your auccint description. :P
@ Piano - an excellent question! And I agree, your icon is still weirdly mesmerising. =3=
@ Pyrous - not quite! :P
@ Ryuusei - haha, I had fun reading that comment! Yes, plot does exist in this comic! I'm sorry if it's a little slow off the ground 8D And I'm glad you like Sophie's design, I had a lot of fun with her :D
July 10th, 2011
I think you'd do better off with your art style if you shrank your pages a little bit? These are a bit too big.
A good start, I can see you're learning things as you go along :3
July 10th, 2011
Out of curiousty - why waste one of the few interesting looking panels you have (with the perspective) on breaking the fourth wall? This doesn't seem like a gag-a-day comic - having a character acknowledge this is a story destroys my interest in what's going to happen.
July 10th, 2011
Quick writing question - why doesn't Sen do as they say? This is some random robot off the street he just met, and there's guys pointing guns at him; if it were you or I in the same position, I'm sure we'd do as they say? He doesn't have any connection with it.
Omg omg omg



@Zhai - I actually worried about it a lot, i've eventually gone back to put her back in, hope that helps :)
Man I missed drawing Ed so much ;3; Getting six flakes /is/ pretty good going.
(chocolate sticks for icecream, if they don't have that in other places than the UK xD)

Also, wow, this is getting to be a long chapter xD;;


@ Feathers - what indeed xD
@ Zhai - hmmm, you think so?
@ Piano - haha, awww ;3; Yeah, poor Ollie, right? On the plus side, he's still pretty cheerful regardless. ;3;
June 30th, 2011
Oh snaps. A valid question, Robyn!


@ Feathers - I hope it's not you on the Robyn end that often *pet*
@ Zhai - hello, and thanks! :D :D I'm really glad you're enjoying it - the writing and panelling is my favourite part of this ^^
June 27th, 2011


@ Feathers - @u@ Sorry!
June 23rd, 2011

Who remembers Chapter Two? :P

*gallops along* I feel like I'm on fire here :) It's a great feeling to have thumbnails all the way up to the end of the chapter (which is not for another ten pages yet, folks!) >3
June 19th, 2011
It couldn't possibly have been Jamie! Right?



@ Clare - well, I hope this still keeps you interested regardless :D
June 16th, 2011
He finally gets to go to the beach! ^-^ Man I'm enjoying these faster updates~


@ Clare - think you're getting the wrong end of the stick =u=
June 12th, 2011
On a roll~

Jamie's mum! In only her second appearance since page 1-11...


@ Clare - only a little one I'm afraid :3
@ M-24 - that's unfortunately exactly what's going on there. I think the powers were part of an excuse to push him away further.