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I like writing, reading, art, music, video games, the environment and Webcomics...
and i don't like filling out billions of description boxes every time i sign up for something.
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"Prepare yourselves for fuckin' trouble faggots!"
XDD Classic. Way better than the PC Rockets of the show.
lol, last panel is brilliant! XDDD
Expression is priceless.
Awesome. I love the last three panels. So thrilling. Can't wait for the next page :D
Wow, I just discovered your webcomic, and I love it. So awesome. Atticus is awesome and I love how you draw Pokemon (charmander was always my fave :D)
It's such a refreshing take on the Pokemon-universe.
Fantastic work, and I look forward to more :D
we're getting back to Kinny :D Yay!
Captain Awesome is an awesome name...*calls dibs*