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oh I'm like neopaliton icecream on in july..I make no sence. I'v loved manga and comics since I could read pretty much and I love anime and the subbed stuff is my drug and well thats pretty much it
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Oh god is this the back story too the crazy red head who drugged Wes and cut Kane!
This made me cry to be honest, but it is a very honorable post.
please tell me those aren't his sisters and Mom....OMG I can't
BAHAHAHA I just love how he just drops him like a sack of potatoes
What nuu I wants to see all the babies and learn their stories!
I just blah I just want more of this! Its my drug an I needs this to update more!!!! In a good way
SAD FACE...omg Its almost over but but I don't want it to be
Omg that means that you've almost been on a whole year!
Bah and now its coming to a end what am I gonna do with my life..Is it bad if I say that I wish it would last longer
OMG its been 6 months already wow.
*blink*blink*rubs eyes* so many pretty colors oh my!
oh no short stories are fine and people forget its ok and that's not very nice of your writer to do that
its so tiny!
wha thats a lot of pink!
I like the new background but thats a heck of a lot of pink!
What the big 100!

I have a confession to make T.P.R is my guilty pleasure. I look forward to it everyday!
I like twirling the curls in my boyfriends hair he hates it, but I can't help it!
wha it went from may to Jan I'm confused
oh those ideas sound lovely
oh that horrible1
Photobucket is being a jerk and not letting me see the awesomeness of the page