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*Insert Some Kind Of Pun with the Word Mix in It.*
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    F U Sir.
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Thramix guy must be really cool. Errybody knows him.
no worries. He's everyone's favourite.
Oh no worries, take a nap.

I got this.
Fans, thanks for putting up with the non-existing update schedule here at Chaos Legends:Reloaded, it's been a dry 2 months and now it's time for a change.

So as alittle gift to you, me and probably Temps.. Welcome to the new month long array of CL related comicks.


Each week you guys will be getting an update or two, who knows??! Most likely one sooo yeah.

Enjoy the Comick and Comment to get Temps onboard for some LDE. :D


Good time to use this.
"If words piss you off THAT much than you must have A Seriously Phsycological Problems" - Amir Valerie Blumenfeld.
Loving the chemistry between the characters.

He's a Metal Bender D:!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys should have more communication if you're working together.
Yeah, I know.

Also forgot to mention how great the page is. Sonic Boom to the shattered glass. Very Nice!
You should use Mick.

I've been updating the sheet with a shit ton more poses so I'll get them to you soon.
It's back. Forever.