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Names Megan, try not to wear it out.
I like Yaoi, Hetero, and pretty much anything and everything else perverted you can read.
I'll read ANYTHING once.
My hobbies are reading, writing fanfiction, watching T.V, Twittering, listening to music, yada yada yada. Some of my favorite fanfiction couples are TokiXSkwisgaar, TokiXNathan, NathanXCharles, and PicklesXCharles.
What can I say?
Metalocalypse rocks my socks XD
Oh, and P.S, I'm a total, complete Mr. Friday fangirl. If you don't know who that is, I suggest you go here--->>

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    Megan Kirk
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OMJESUS she looks badass lolz
Can't wait to see her part in the storyline : )
omfj, teh new character page is so pwetty : )
awwww, poor Jack.
He's just doin' his job and the big scary bird men are yellin' at him!
I think he should kill em all and leave their asses there to rot.
this has to be one of my favorite pages, I just love it to death lolz
eh, I'm not surprised this didn't do well in the box office.
The only appeal to begin with was half-naked Megan Fox, and eventually even that gets old.
I am just happy to see that the public didn't like this, maybe they are finally breaking out of the bubble of delusion.
I love how "narutard" is in the same class of insults as "cumdumpster" and "Shitface" XD
really makes ya think lolz
lolz, wonder how many times THIS scenario has run through my head lately XD
It's like you read my mind lolz
awww, my poor Jackipoo : (
they better stop bein' so mean or I will open up teh fangirl claws on them lolz
I was waiting for someone to do a strip about this.
way to go for being the first lolz
Omj, poor Jack, I just wanna hug him till he stops shakin'....
that guy is teh scariest thing ever >.>
lol, somehow I knew it had something to do with dumbass mechanic lolz
NYEH I am grounded, so I wasn't able to comment more quickly : (
lolz, of course she speaks Binary.
That makes just about as much sense as the fact she came outta the TV.
September 13th, 2009
Oh teh drama, when will the heartbreak end??
September 13th, 2009
Pikachu always was my favorite pokemon, but this has managed to make him my ULTRA-FAVORITE XD
awww, I lurve your expressions lolz
September 13th, 2009
oooh he's cute with a cpital C : )
It could use more sparkles though XD
September 13th, 2009
@Cakeplz & Cropcircledesigner:
Dudes, it's just A COMIC.
maybe you shouldn't take things so seriously, eh?
but anyway, I LURRRVVE this comic!
: )
He kinda reminds me of this guy I saw in this random Porno that popped up on my comp.
(stupid pop-ups....)
Ya finally updated : )
I was beginning to get worried lolz
awwwwww, adorable : )
September 11th, 2009
That took me like, 3 minutes to figure out.