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Alive and Kickin'
The comic isn't dead.I've been going through a very rough time so drawing just about anything has been nearly impossible. If anyone wants to know where I am you can usually find me on DeviantArt. I'm as anxious as everyone else to continue the story but right now its pretty much impossible.If everything goes well I want to make a new page by the end of the year.Thanks for everyone's' patience!
January 15th, 2013
Just A Random Person (Guest)- As far as the comic goes I'm thinking of changing some things. Mainly keeping the story yet switching the context in which it's told. So instead of a comic, I think converting it into either a dating sim or visual novel would fit in better with the story mechanics. Plus I'd have a better chance at actually completing it since there would be less art involved. Whatever I decide I'll let you guys know.
Yes I plan on updating again, I just don't know when that will be. I've been busy with work as well as going through some difficult times these last few months. So drawing hasn't been at the top of my to do list. But I'm not abandoning this comic and you can always stay up to date with me on DeviantART.
Might have to upload a new version of this page soon, I forgot to add a few things...
Jeanette (Guest)- Thanks!

RandoFan (Guest)- I like when the colors match too.

@Recowa-I'm glad I inspired you, can't wait to read your comic when it's up.

SusanTheCat (Guest)-Didn't plan to, new page is up now.
Trying to get back in the habit of updating my comics. Just been swamped with commissions and didn't feel much like making any personal art. This is kinda of a filler type page, the next one will have more art.
@hey_thamy: You'll learn alot about him in this chapter. I will be having more contest in the future though so maybe you'll be able to enter one of them.
I really like the atmosphere on this page. Dimly lit rooms are always fun to draw. And a new character is introduces, Sno the white leopard.

Sally the mouse belongs to mouseroo.Please visit her DA page for more art

And you can see all the contest winners here
@ChibiVampire: That's good, I know the wait was long enough for her to make an appearance lol

@Realisticz: Thank you very much!Dongwu (the people of Houjin) are all animal hybrids but they have mixed blood with humans. The more human blood you have in your family the less animal like attributes you'll have. But more info will be revealed about Ryu soon so I won't spoil it with a definite answer. .
If this page is viewable then it meants auto update worked. ^^

There are alot of characters on this page so please bear with me. Name order is from top left to right.

Yumiko(dog eating noodles)©

Lune(arctic fox at table)©

Kurndad(peacock besides her)©

Keko(kangaroo rat waitress) ©

Myune(sno leopard waitress) ©

Ari( lion drinking tea) ©

Phew! That's alot of people. They will be showing up more as the chapter progresses.
You can see all the contest winners here
Took a few days to make the next two pages but there will be a update next Friday so be sure to come back and see it. There will be alot of characters from the contest in it! And mysterious cloaked guy has been revealed. Ryu doesn't have a section in the cast page yet but I will add him in soon since that section of the site needs to be reworked.

New character introduced on this page is Sally the mouse who belongs to mouseroo

Please visit her DA page for more art

And you can see all the contest winners here
@ella13hi5: I think you may have commented on the wrong comic. I could never make 150 pages in a month lol
@hey_thamy: I'm happy to hear that and will get pages out as soon as I can
@AuroraStar1: No problem! It was my pleasure to do it. I hope th other contest entrants will be happy with their character portrayals as well.
@AuroraStar1: I'm really glad you like how he came out in my style! it was a bbig improvement from the last time i drew him. Thanks again for creating such a cool character!
@kriolynn: Yeah, they are pretty defined lol. Be sure to take more than one picture. Updates are rare and illusive, especially the timely ones. ^^
Let's get this party started! I'm already behind due to my home internet being down so I wasn't able to gather all the reference images I wanted to start work on drawing this page. But it will have to do for now.Better to have it look simple than delay any longer.

This chapter will feature all the characters who took part in the Character Design contest in 2008. I pushed back their initial introduction so that readers would get a better feel for the main characters.

On the right is aurorastar1 character Blitz.

Please visit her DA page for more art

And you can see all the contest winners here
ella13hi5 (Guest) - Lol that would be kinda cool to have. I don't know about the sharpie heat though. It would be just my luck that the fish dies from marker poisoning unlike your moms' friend love birds. But if I ever came across a fish that looked like Lucky, heart marking and all,i'd buy it without question. ^-^

emerilla (Guest)- I don't really know. I'm without internet at home for the moment which I need to look at reference images for the upcoming pages. The next chapeter is full of things i'm not used to drawing so I have to do a bit of research.

hotgoth44 (Guest)- You're not having a blond moment at all. In fact, you're absolutely right. Tsubomi Blue Dreams focuses on Rheas' mom Kyra while this comic is all about her daughter Rhea.And some characters will cross over between both stories.
kriolynn- That's good. He'll be appearing a few times in this chapter

ella13hi5 (Guest)- I know right? In the course of this comic my house burned down, then my new one flooded, and my pet bunny died. Looks like i'm the one who needs all the lucks she can get. Maybe I should get a lucky koi too and see if my fortune changes lol.