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I can't think of what to say, I'm drunk.
I finally got to reading this! So sweet! :) I hope you'll do more of Chara and Eirlys some day in the future. I just can't get enough of them!
What a creepo! Poor Ellis :(
@mooncalfe: every new page is your favorite!
@potatoe1988: i mean, a bit...
@ecstacywolf: the batman voice was what i was going for
I'm alive!
Good to see you guys again! :)
Aww Rylie takes good care of Naomi!
@Gibson Twist: Thank you! I saw you follow me on Twitter. It's an honor!
Happy birthday, Mr. Twist! Great page as usual, you guys. I'm so excited every time I see an update.
And then Ellis lived happy forever, yay!! And nothing bad happened to her! :(
I feel so bad for Alopex! She's such a cute little fluff ball and she needs tons of hugs and kisses to feel better :(
Poor Alopeeeeex :(
I put a few cameos in the crowd :D
Lyrics are by Parachute Club (At the Feet of the Moon) and the bokeh texture is from
@otakulys: I definitely didn't want to abandon it :D You're so sweet, thank yoooou!
@mooncalfe: Awww :) Your comments always cheer me up! <3
It's been a couple of months! Somehow I misnamed all the pages off by one number so... yeah. I was hoping to put out two together but that isn't going to happen. Work and actual paid comic gigs have taken up a lot of my time :( Not dead.
So exciting to see another page up! :D Perfect work as always! I can't wait to see Cammie, too. I'm glad she's okay