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Lil' Monster
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Everyone, sorry that the pages haven't been put up yet.
I've caught great sickness and I'm not doing so well.
I'll try my best to finish them.
That is Toby.
He'll try to act like a grown Lion, but he is still a cub. <3
He's so awesome x3
V____V sadness
So cute x3

Alice: D= it's okay!
x3 this is getting interesting
Poor Mimi, look how short you are.
xD I thought you were just a bit taller.
Ah well. It adds more cuteness xD

Mimi: TT^TT
The outfit is for me? x3
You guys are fun.
Lol awesome xD
This is my char Toby =3

He's a lion =D

He sees everyone as a family and he'll protect anyone. Especcially the girls. He isn't too fond of males older than him trying to take the lead, but he'll do his best to respect.

Sorry for the sketchiness. My pen tablet pen is gone D=
So I can't make it as beautiful as everyone elses.

-Leader Figures
-Other male Lions

He also believes that he's destined to marry Mother.
This is Alice.

those black marks are from my sketch book.

Her hair is orange =D
and her eyes, brown x3
xD awesome.
Now my half naked char won't freeze in the winter XD
She's so cute Dx

I love her eye! It's drawn so well =3
xD awesome.

I love how you do angles D=

Teach me your ways!
could it be?

I'm sorry for the sloppiness D=
Scanner isn't nice.
Has Mimi found her man?!
lol this is awesome x3