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I had this account for a while, (like a year ago), just so i could favorite cool comics here
so now i'm trying to make a comic of my own for the first time and trying to draw on Photoshop =u=;

I'm also interested in manga and anime 8D ...especially obsess with BL and gender bender genres
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i have this crazy feeling this is just like inception...:D
how creepy o_O
D: hope she'll be alright!
this is awesome 8D
oh no D:
thats a big rock xD
nice job on the wolf @-@
really cool picture,can't wait for more :]
wow he already is admitting that xD; this is pretty interesting, can't wait for more~
omg that was all? QAQ it was still good tho... <3
December 30th, 2010
haha totally love her expression xD
;A; such a sadistic birdy.....
jack go kick his butt ! just stay back >. <
December 28th, 2010
Thats what i say in my head everytime i practice..
he stalks people's homes once a year
December 28th, 2010
its addictive :D haha
thats what i say to myself everyday haha
the toning looks good >.<
i love the cover O_O really pretty >Q<
goodness i am super late at commenting D:
T_T aw please make more soon!
;A; omg its the bird doctor thing! run reilly D:!
omg blood ;n; wats happeninnnn