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I come to comment my captain! Sorry for the loneliness. I often intend to comment and then fall asleep. Uni is tiring.

But yeah, the first panel isn't too dark. He just has no particular interest in the sky. lol. As for the panelling, don't worry, we get the point.

Keep up the good work. :-)
Don't worry dude. Just have it up when it's done.
I'm really enjoying it so far. :)
Um, I could be very wrong, since I have nobody to dote upon on valentines day, but isn't it on the 14th? i.e. Sunday?

Just asking. Great comic otherwise. :P
I dunno. I always used to be good at those "Find 7 differences" puzzles. I just opened another window with the last comic and checked.
He lost his book. Am I right? :P
I like the contest idea.

I say call him George, Enway or...
wait for it...

The logic behind that is, somewhere along the line, the Imp heard someone say that god created man in his image. Since Gary created the Imp, the Imp assumes that he will end up looking like Gary. Thus, he names himself Gary.

And then we proceed with the mandatory jokes and confusion and the tale moves on. :D

Now, I should be applying this creativity to something worth while, like the music assignment due tomorrow :P
Nice start
See? I finally got around to registering.

Looking forward to the impish humour and the alchemy. Looks like it's gonna be good one :D