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my once time
as someone that doesnt demand smex and absolutely loved this comic from the beginning (wow i just checked and its over two years, congrats) i think i might have commented before but i thought you might like to know how much i love paradox and all it fabulous characters. I think your jokes are absolutely hilarious and its been an honour to watch you grow and develop as an artist. Your amazing please dont ever stop :D
omg so sexy......:3
U R awesome
hey there just wanted to say keep up with the great work i have loved this comic and think your doing a great job. anyone who has something negative to say take it as constructive criticism or if its plain rude just ignore it. ppl like you who have the time paitience and drive to do something like this should get only praise. just wanted you to know that i think this is a great comic!!
awww dake is sooooo cute there. i just want to cuddle and pet him. they are all so cute i love this comic :D
lol...awesome page love it.
the big suprised demon eyes are the best!!!