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ALSO EDIT: "Sub" is for "subject," I was just trying to save some space and be cool like the kids today.

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Well, Christo did get Patrick the job where he met Lexi in the first place, so one could argue he did have a hand in getting Patrick on the gear.

But then we should also acknowledge how it was really Christo that brought the group together in the first place, so maybe it was his to destroy?
That IS a coincidence, as it turns out. Really, I'm just getting ready for Book Eight which starts soon for our Patreon backers.
Oh yeh, I suppose it is! Thanks.
The final book will be essentially the same story as the final three originally-planned books, but certain storylines that didn't add to the story were written out, and others that slowed the pace of the overall story were whittled down. I can't say more here, but I'll be posting about it on the Patreon this month as we move toward the start of Book 8.
Some truth, I haven't spoken to my father in more than 20 years, and from time to time I speculate that he and his wife may have had children, and that I may have a sibling I've never met. Probably I don't, chances are best that I would have heard through other family, but it's possible. Honestly, though, I'm not sure how I'd feel if I did. The idea of siblings is bizarre.
Here we begin the final chapter of Our Time in Eden. It's been a long road, I hope you're buckled in.
Kit T, I may not have sent the memo out. It was originally planned as 10, but it's been reduced to 8, so the next book will be the finale of the series.
Bye Andy.

For now.
Confession: I'm still not sure how email works.
Chapter 15, Fade Away
I'm not sure I've rewritten any chapter more than this one. This one was hard.

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Chapter 14 ends.
I miss the curious magic of mornings, being in a shop just before it opens, when it's yours and yours alone, waiting for the day to come at you. At least, if you're awake enough to appreciate it. I don't miss waking up tired.
Alright, maybe I am that kind of author.
If I were the kind of author to drop deep cuts on my characters, I'd say something like "Oh, Andy, she got bored of you as soon as you were done."

But I'm not that kind of author.
I wrote a lot more one-liners for this scene, but I had to keep it moving along. I am deeply proud of my skill at writing "we fucked" jokes.
I don't know about you, but I'd vote for Kara.
I mean, this was back when you could just show up at someone's place.