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Quick note: Very few people who shoot drugs die from an overdose. Like, very few. Most either do it for a while and stop when it burns them out, or they live a wraith-like existence and die from something else. TV has lied to you.
Once upon a time, when Our Time in Eden existed only as a prose novel, I passed around this chapter to a few people as a standalone short story to get some feedback. The last line of the novel version of the chapter then was "I think of you fondly, Tim, as I lay in the aisle, dying." This was the only time Tim's name was mentioned in the chapter, and I forgot to remove it from the short story, so nearly everyone came back immediately with "Who the fuck is Tim?" The one reader who had a different reaction was a friend named Tim who was very worried I had written him an elaborate suicide note.

I suppose everyone was too distracted at the time to notice the grammatical error, which is fixed here.
Now's a good time to remind everyone that our supporters on Patreon have access to the rest of this chapter, and the next one, and the one after that, which amounts to about 55 pages of advance comics, for as little as a buck. Read some comics and help me keep making some comics here:
@Teagleball: Go ahead, I don't think I coined it. Fill your boots.
Here we are.
Real quick, if you want to keep informed about Pictures of You/Gibson Twist news, info, and the occasional surprise, sign up for my newsletter at
Real quick, if you want to keep informed about Pictures of You/Gibson Twist news, info, and the occasional surprise, sign up for my newsletter at
Ben and I went back and forth about how graphic to make this page. I think we each held different thoughts at different times, but I think at the end it was Ben who decided too much gore would be out of character for the story, and when he showed me his thumbnail for the page, I knew he was right. I still think he was right.
Links to music are always welcome here.
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After drawing Peter with a beard for the past few months, I had to draw him without it recently and it weirded me out.
When you lose everything, you still have hard drugs.

Hard drugs is always there for you.
Happy New Year, kids!
My next comic will be the adventures of a magical cock. Like Frosty.
Post your theories on how it isn't what it looks like.
Best Bible study group ever.
Funny...she didn't go to work.
Chapter 10, Burned
This chapter received more comments than most over on the Patreon page when it posted back in October, and the consensus seemed to be "Damn." And as I said over there, you didn't see this coming.