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I uploaded these pages to the site several months ago when they were first available to our Patreon supporters, and set the dates to go live according to the normal MWF schedule. Our Patreon supporters get to see the pages as I create them month to month, as a thank you for their financial support of the comic, and they are about 50-ish pages ahead of the site. Our Patreon page is here:
Quick note: Very few people who shoot drugs die from an overdose. Like, very few. Most either do it for a while and stop when it burns them out, or they live a wraith-like existence and die from something else. TV has lied to you.
So you know, we're coming down to the final couple chapters of Book Seven for our supporters on Patreon, and you can support Pictures of You there to ride with us up to the start of Book Eight, the final volume in the series.
Now everyone's in trouble.
I mean, everyone knew it was just a matter of when.
Credit goes to Rori! for the sketch design of her sleeve tattoo. I spent an absurd amount of time trying and failing to design a sleeve, and she saved me by whipping one off in about 12 seconds because she's ridiculously talented and this comic would be a burning cinder without her. Find a little more about her on our Giant Kitten Head site,
I don't care, this gag makes me smile.
I expect everyone to wreck something for Wiley Ryan.
Specifically, Mulligan was staring at Wiley's ass, I'm just sayin'.
Hands up if you found him.
The gag I had to drop for pacing at the end of this was "It was a little funny."
Getting tanked with the boys rarely turns out well, but the stories are almost always good.
I think I've mentioned before, but all of the original songs that appear in the comic are actual songs I've written, but since I don't play any instruments or know how to write music, they exist only in my head. Feel free to compose music to any of them in your head as well.
We still love you, Wiley.
Chapter 12, Farewell To Good Times
Get your tissue.

Also, as you're reading this, you could be reading the next 60 pages or so by supporting us on Patreon here: So why not do that?
Once upon a time, when Our Time in Eden existed only as a prose novel, I passed around this chapter to a few people as a standalone short story to get some feedback. The last line of the novel version of the chapter then was "I think of you fondly, Tim, as I lay in the aisle, dying." This was the only time Tim's name was mentioned in the chapter, and I forgot to remove it from the short story, so nearly everyone came back immediately with "Who the fuck is Tim?" The one reader who had a different reaction was a friend named Tim who was very worried I had written him an elaborate suicide note.

I suppose everyone was too distracted at the time to notice the grammatical error, which is fixed here.
Now's a good time to remind everyone that our supporters on Patreon have access to the rest of this chapter, and the next one, and the one after that, which amounts to about 55 pages of advance comics, for as little as a buck. Read some comics and help me keep making some comics here:
@Teagleball: Go ahead, I don't think I coined it. Fill your boots.