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Gibson Twist
I am a wiggly worm, sir.
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Andy is currently at work, though.
This is one of the rare cases where I drop in someone who really existed. Mark Miller worked the local comic shop where I lived when I was a teenager and introduced me to a lot of great comics when I didn't know shit about comics. The Crow, Sandman, and fatefully Love & Rockets. He also introduced me to the guys who would teach me how to make comics in those early days, and he also generously lettered my first shitty 8-page comic. His letters were the best thing about it and it is thankfully lost to time.

When I went back to visit the old town a number of years ago, he had become a wizard wandering the wastes of the Uptown in his cloak, looking for hobbits I assume. I mean, I wish him luck on his quest, but I will always remember him in his Starfleet uniform which he wore for a full week when Roddenberry died.

It's pretty safe to say that Mark was a key figure in my comicking history. Not the first and not the last, but unquestionably significant. I'm not sure if I owe him thanks or blame, but I owe him a lot of it.

He made these jokes all the time.

ALSO! The comic referenced here is a ride of a comic. It's really hard to find a copy in North America, the one I have was kindly sent to me from the Philippines by one of my favourite readers who knows who she is. Thanks J! Elmer is recommended reading.
It's the God Damned Millennials!
Eagle-eyes will spot the celebrity cameo.
I know it's a Canadian pastime to hate Toronto, but personally I love the place. Some love here to the neighbourhood where I spent most of my time, the Bloor and Bathurst area. Once upon a time, there was a delightful comic shop called The Beguiling which offered little to no superhero fare (I understand it was sold and the new owners changed that policy) next to an enormous lightbulb factory called Honest Ed's which I hear has been torn down. I chose not to draw Honest Ed's here because I don't hate myself, but photos are easily Googleable.
Chapter Two, Modern Living
This page is dedicated to Ben Steeves, my collaborator/artist of Our Time in Eden, in solidarity of all the Toronto I made him draw. Learn more at
While they've always been available for sale, I realized recently it's been a long time since I've made any kind of announcement that original pages of Pictures of You art are available for sale!

These black and white pages are commonly sized at 11"x17" (the first pages in each chapter of Book 8 are 11"x14" illustrations) and feature my original, unerased blue-line pencils underneath the inks, with occasional sketch work not reflected in the final art.

I'm asking $50USD per page plus a flat shipping charge of $10 in the continental US, $20 in Canada, Mexico, and non-continental US (blame the post office for that,) and $25 everywhere else. Since there are far too many pages to list, I'm asking you to email me at to check for availability, then I'll send you a PayPal invoice that can be paid using any credit card. Pages can be signed upon request. All copyright remains with me, Gibson Twist. Of course, if there are any questions, fire them at me.

Unfortunately, pages from Books One and Two and the first part of Book Three are unavailable at this time as they are in an attic in another country. Pages from the redrawn Prologue are available.

Email me at for more! Don't delay, act now, supplies are running out!
@smeagol92055 I'd think by now, folks would know I would never refer to trans people as an 'oddity' but I understand it's been a while since the reference.
Chapter 1 ends.
Happy Canada Day!
A little music history, the song they're singing is obviously Tainted Love, and the version they're singing is clearly the 1981 Soft Cell version (of the dozen or so versions that have been recorded,) but it was originally written by Ed Cobb and recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964. I'm sure The Dailies would perform a pretty great version of it themselves at some point.
I don't know if anyone else noticed it, but Peter came in late on Broke Smokes.
As with all the original songs in Pictures of You, there is actual music to go with it, but again, I'm not singing it for you.
Before anyone asks, The Dailies are a ska band. I know I never gave it up with One-Inch Punch! but it's hard to be coy when there's a stand-up bass.
I'm not even going to pretend it isn't wild drawing Peter without the homeless beard. You may recognize his and Andy's looks, though.
For the record, "Jon" isn't based off anyone and I wouldn't think it was funny if any of the Jons I know got hurt. Maybe this Jon was kind of a dick, though...let's say he was one of those MRA/ComicsGate douchebags so we can all giggle at his pain.
Chapter One, The Dailies
Some of you may recognize the building. I have fond memories of the place so I just stole it, though the name has been changed to protect the not-as-innocent. I was going to name it Shifty I's but I didn't think the typesetting looked right and wasn't sure the joke would land. Anyway, let's get into trouble with part three.
I am addicted to making these playlists and I will miss it when it's done, but for now I'll keep feeding the jones. Enjoy this new soundtrack for Everything's Alright Forever part three, Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week.

Listen on Spotify: ohSH-t-4GSO-hd0Q

Find the older playlists here!

Pictures of You
One-Inch Punch!
Bishop Street
Road Notes
Bye Bye Baby
The Romantic Junkies
Go West (Book 8 Part 1) bhTjG6U 4GqlBZe_A
Anywhere I Lay My Head (Book 8 Part 2) 48REma-FDlFtWGkg

Plus Sabrina's Dance Mix (Michelle's stage name) v0SMCxzzccEMQ4JA
Book Eight, Part Three, Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week
That image may look familiar. There are a lot of feelings beginning this part of the story. Let's find out why.
Chapter 3 ends. Part 2 ends.
Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again. I liked Vancouver a lot, though I haven't been there since 1996.

So, what's next?
So long Jez. You were a solid dude.