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@Leesil11 That is some deep-dive reference right there.
Thanks for sharing, Hank. That's a hell of a story. I'm glad you're getting better from it.
I won't lie, I've been going through some shit, so anything that's going wrong is probably my fault and I don't have a good reason for it. Chances are good I feel bad about it. If you need to yell at me or call me names, I'm gibson_twistATyahoodotcom.
A donair is a specific kind of doner kebab, with particular ingredients and characterized by a creamy sweet/sour sauce.
You just got Melanied!
Pictures of You's great legacy, teaching people that you can shoot coke.
That went well.

Note: Now that all of the pages have posted and people have noticed or haven't, I can say that this scene was originally drawn, inked, coloured, lettered, and posted to Patreon WAY back in July with a clean-shaven Peter. I had to go back in and draw Peter's beard in digitally. This might only be impressive to me, who doesn't draw digitally and is particularly unskilled at it, but I think I managed to do it fairly convincingly. I'm calling that a win.

Of course, then I posted the original unbearded pages to the site by accident until my pal Maritza Campos pointed it out. Thanks Maritza, go read her comics Power Nap ( ) and CRFH ( ) because they're good comics.

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It's not a movie...but maybe a TV show?
I had a lot more jokes for this exchange, but it really made the scene drag and the page breaks felt clunky, so they had to go. It's always a heartbreak when I have to cut jokes, especially now that the overall story is much heavier.

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Chapter Five, On His Back
This page is a true story.

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Chapter 4 ends.
I'm sure they'll just drink some tea and talk about their feelings.

Note: It's been a while since we've seen Jackie, so if you're not sure who she is, this scene should bring you up to speed,

Also, I've deleted a few comments recently that were, I felt, misogynist in nature. I'm not interested in debating it, I'm not putting up with it on my comic site, and I neither need nor want misogynists reading my work. If anyone needs a place to trash women, I'm sure there is no shortage of places on the internet to find your outlets. This isn't one of them.
I drew Drew.

One of those days.
I've had someone wait up to yell at me. I feel they thought it was worth the wait, because yell they did.
I've been the third roommate of a couple. It sucks. You hear them fighting, you hear them fucking, and most of the time you can't join in on either.
Lauren's a nerd.
Been looking so long for those words to be true...

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Clearly, she can blame herself.
I'm going to shout out to Khalid, even though he almost certainly will never read this. Khalid was just the cook at our local donair shop back in the day, but he made the motherfuckingest of donairs, so when I remade the world, his name went on the sign. Cheers, Khalid, thanks for feeding us when we were too stoned to cook.