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The "St John" in that list is actually Saint John, oddly enough one of the cities where Pictures of You got its inspiration. Some other notables are:

Spread Eagle Bay, not far from Conception Bay, and nearby you'll find Placentia
Sober Island (never been there)
Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
Fertile, which is just a few hours from Climax
Vulcan (where there is an alien landing pad)
Happy Adventure
Punkydoodles Corners
and of course, Ball's Falls
Brian, I think that's very astute, very well-said. Though, I wouldn't ask, I'd listen, be mindful like you say, and wait for them to tell you.
No worries, no one was obligated! I'm happy for Strange to get a sale any day of the week. Cheers!
Chapter 3 ends. Part 1 ends.
In the original drafts of this part of the story, there was an adventure as they drove through The Rockies, which are the most intensely gorgeous part of the world I've seen. Parts of the road are so high, the mountains around you disappear into clouds and look like the clouds are emanating from the trees. The thin air gets you a little high, and it's nearly impossible not to feel bewilderment. Upon revision, the pacing took a lot away from the story and had to be cut, and good lord am I glad now that I didn't have to draw all of that.

Now, on to Part Two.
Confession: Despite living in Alberta for a cumulative eight years, I've never been to Medicine Hat.
And don't forget that you're not very bright, and you look homeless.
I mean, it is pretty remarkable to break up with someone during oral.

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Bet you didn't see that coming.

Happy new year, everyone!
Chapter Three, Mia Culpa
I hate drawing cars. I do this for you.

Now, who's Peter gonna call? Hint, it's not The Ghostbusters.
Chapter 2 ends.
And they lived happily ever after, the end.

Oh, wait, no! There's still some road ahead of us! You can read two full chapters ahead by becoming a Patreon supporter, plus get access to an official shitload of PoY illustrations!
A good friend from high school once came out to me in the back seat of a moving car. For a long time, I questioned the choice of location for coming out, and how badly it could have gone had I been of a different disposition, but recently I've come to realize that he must have known he'd be accepted by me and trusted me not to bro out. Then we had Chinese buffet and he told me about all the gay things, so it was a good day.

Cheers, Chris.
Thanks go out to August Brown, friend of the comic and creator/artist of The End ( ) for his advice and feedback with this corner of the story... probably moreso than he realizes he gave and continues to give.

Edit: Please refrain from using the comments as a place to tell trans folk how offended they should or shouldn't be by which terms. Instead, listen to marginalized voices speaking on their own marginalization. Thanks.
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He doesn't have a mission from God, he just wants to fuck.

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If you ever get a chance to drive through the Canadian prairies, I suggest highly that you take that chance. It is remarkably, disorientingly, beautifully pristine flatness.

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This bit was patched together from a few different stories that were told to me over the years from friends and strangers. No one ever told me personally they wanted me to be the father of Jesus' baby, but trust me, it's happened.

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Jesus doesn't appreciate the potty mouth, Peter.

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