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Yes, the character on this page is Melanie.

And thank you, I try.
@Leesil11 That is some deep-dive reference right there.
As I was drawing this, I realized how much people with staircases in their homes are assholes.
I'm too often guilty of being a dumb old man.
Don't worry, Kara, I never know when women are hitting on me either.

Or maybe they just never do. Oh, shit.
True story, at the record store I used to run, I hired two young gay women, both of them named Natalie, and one clearly had a crush on the other. It was then that I knew all lesbians were named Natalie.
Chapter Six, Set Afire
The sad woman at the bar is always trouble.

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Thanks for sharing, Hank. That's a hell of a story. I'm glad you're getting better from it.
I won't lie, I've been going through some shit, so anything that's going wrong is probably my fault and I don't have a good reason for it. Chances are good I feel bad about it. If you need to yell at me or call me names, I'm gibson_twistATyahoodotcom.
A donair is a specific kind of doner kebab, with particular ingredients and characterized by a creamy sweet/sour sauce.
Chapter 5 ends.
This chapter is going out with a bang.
This is a solid negotiation tactic.

"Wanna do drugs and fuck?"
"So, just the drugs then?"

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Gotta get out of this sleepy ol' town!
You get to a certain point where you've used a word so many times that it loses all meaning and just sounds like gibberish.

junky junky junky junky junky junky junky
He didn't promise, though.
The guy on that statue was an asshole.
You just got Melanied!
Pictures of You's great legacy, teaching people that you can shoot coke.
That went well.

Note: Now that all of the pages have posted and people have noticed or haven't, I can say that this scene was originally drawn, inked, coloured, lettered, and posted to Patreon WAY back in July with a clean-shaven Peter. I had to go back in and draw Peter's beard in digitally. This might only be impressive to me, who doesn't draw digitally and is particularly unskilled at it, but I think I managed to do it fairly convincingly. I'm calling that a win.

Of course, then I posted the original unbearded pages to the site by accident until my pal Maritza Campos pointed it out. Thanks Maritza, go read her comics Power Nap ( ) and CRFH ( ) because they're good comics.

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