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Gibson Twist
I am a wiggly worm, sir.
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Chapter Three, That's Where I'll Always Be
If you've never been on a stage with a few dozen musicians just making shit up as they go, I recommend it highly.
@Saku: There's a drop-down navigation bar under the comic page right between the other navigation buttons. The page numbers are listed.
Chapter 2 ends.
I mean, you've all read the prologue, you know what happens next. Or do you?
Goodbye, Patrick. Good luck.
When I look back on my various disappearing acts, I still think they were what was best for me in those situations, though I'm pretty sure there are people who were upset by it. If any of them are reading this, I am sorry for the bullshit I left behind me. I wish it had been different, but man, shit gets crazy sometimes and you're left with a choice of handling it badly or handling it far worse.
Making good money is definitely preferable to being dead most of the time. If you have a choice between them, I recommend making good money.
Full disclosure, I have left town without telling anyone I was leaving. Maybe more than once.
@dangerface The only perfect pizza was the now-defunct Mama's Pizza in Saint John, NB. Mama was a thousand years old, the pizza tasted like the 70s, and I think it's a Shopper's Drug Mart now.
She told him quite a while ago.
Late 70s. April Fool's.

I make it purposefully ambiguous. Though it is a specific time in my mind which informs the writing, it's not important to the story so I prefer to let readers fit it to themselves when possible. Still, there are hints. Cell phones exist but aren't common, certain music referenced, movie posters here and there. I will admit that I cheated and left out a couple huge cultural events that I just didn't want to have in the story.
Non, je regrette, je n'ai pas. Quel dommage!
Ha! I didn't even notice. Oops! I should fix that. Soon.
A 'tonne' is the term for 1000 kilograms, which Americans know as a 'metric ton,' while a 'ton' is 2000 pounds.
By the way, today is our NINTH wedding anniversary, so condolences to anyone who lost the pool that Rori would leave my grouchy ass by now.
Oh. Hi there.

Edit: Folks, don't make queerphobic comments. Seriously.
Who is it? WHO IS IT??

Also, that poster is my own invention and it's stupid.
I put it to you that "crazy" should no longer be a comment on sanity, but used only as a synonym for "wacky" or "absurd."
Does that apartment look familiar?
You can't see it because of the lettering, but that second panel is a pizza joint called Pizza Pizza, which is also known in very specific circles as Canadian House of Pizza and Garbage. I've always liked their pizza, myself.
I'm far more pleased with myself for "Ashley Dudd" than it merits me being.