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Gibson Twist
I am a wiggly worm, sir.
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That building was surprisingly easier to draw than I thought it would be.
I was in a metal band for a week once when I was 18. They auditioned me and told me I got the gig, and before our first rehearsal, they broke up. Rock and roll.
I gotta tell ye, it's some impressive acrobatics to blame Peter's firing on Melanie.
Fletch, it is a real comic! Canadian comics legend Greg Hyland's been making it for something like 30 years. It began in print in the 90s when you could print and sell your own comics on paper and get them distributed nationwide, if you can imagine such an hysterical thing. It became a webcomic I want to say around 2000-2001? It's still going.
There's always a little melancholy when you're talking to an old friend and you start catching each other up on other old friends and you remember that you're not really friends anymore, and their lives exist without you now.
That's what happens when you drop out of school, kids. Full disclosure, I dropped out of both high school (I did go back) and university.
Happy birthday, Kara!
It was a little weird drawing Lauren again, but it was interesting figuring out what her parents would look like, and who her high school friends would be.
I used to have a pen pal who would put little stickers on the envelope, and I always thought it was a classy touch. She also put just the barest hint of perfume on the paper because she knew I had a crush on her and she liked to torture me just a little. In fairness, I liked the torture. Hi Heather, wherever you are.
It was more fun drawing a key-tar than I thought it would be.
Hey, it's Andy! Hi Andy!

Edit: Don't worry about straining your eyes to read the email, it's coming.
Chapter Two, Letters From Home
Dolls are creepy, and collections of dolls are alarming. Come to think of it, collections of pretty much anything are at least a little bit worrying, but dolls...
Twelve years is a long time to be making a single comic, let me tell you. The last year has been harder than most, but I've kept pushing through it, and I can see the light at the end of the cliche. Thanks to everyone who's been with us since the beginning, and thanks to everyone who's joined us along the way. Now's the time when I shill.

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Don't forget to wish Ben a happy birthday from this past Saturday! He turned 5 this year! Happy birthday to my favourite comic artist to whom I'm not married!
The "St John" in that list is actually Saint John, oddly enough one of the cities where Pictures of You got its inspiration. Some other notables are:

Spread Eagle Bay, not far from Conception Bay, and nearby you'll find Placentia
Sober Island (never been there)
Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
Fertile, which is just a few hours from Climax
Vulcan (where there is an alien landing pad)
Happy Adventure
Punkydoodles Corners
and of course, Ball's Falls
Brian, I think that's very astute, very well-said. Though, I wouldn't ask, I'd listen, be mindful like you say, and wait for them to tell you.
No worries, no one was obligated! I'm happy for Strange to get a sale any day of the week. Cheers!
Chapter 1 ends.
Oh, but we're not done with Vancouver yet.
We moved around a lot when I was a kid, but there was one neighbourhood in Calgary where we lived for a long time, nearly four years altogether. There was a tiny convenience store there that was owned by an Asian family. I don't think I ever knew their last name, and I don't remember the name of the store, but it was run mostly by Al, one of the sweetest men I've ever known. He had a nickname for me I won't share, but it was my first nickname and that was pretty cool for a weird 6-year old like me. I bought a bunch of my first comics at his shop. Once when I got locked out of my house at age 10, Al let me sit behind the counter until my mom got off work, and he gave me hot chocolate and joked around with me. Al was a bright spot in my childhood, so I don't think I could have finished Pictures of You without putting him in there somewhere.

Al, wherever you are, thanks.