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Links to music are always welcome here.
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Yes, the character on this page is Melanie.

And thank you, I try.
@Leesil11 That is some deep-dive reference right there.
Chapter 7 ends.
The first time one of my roommates made polenta, I asked him what he was fixing. I heard him wrong and I think we all know the face I made.
This page features PJ Harvey, as well it should. Make PJ Harvey part of your life today.
Is your home infested by naked junkies? You need Junk-B-Gon!
Adaptation is an underappreciated film.
While I was drawing this page, there was a cat sitting on my shoulder, purring. Cats love nudity and cocaine.

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Remember, kids, play safely.
Chapter Seven, Eyes On The Door
There is a lot of gay sex in this book.
Chapter 6 ends.
I mean, if the receptionist has cool hair, wouldn't you want to work there?
And that's how Cafe Max burned to the ground.

(Not really, don't send me mail.)

And it's my birthday, so give the gift of making everyone you know read this comic.
Spoiler: They're cute together.
As I was drawing this, I realized how much people with staircases in their homes are assholes.
I'm too often guilty of being a dumb old man.
Don't worry, Kara, I never know when women are hitting on me either.

Or maybe they just never do. Oh, shit.