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Hahahaha, poor Sonic!
lol, you're right Felix Wind it kinda looks like her!
Yep, I'm back and ready to make comics!
Atention all readers and fans! The poll is now over! And the results are:
-Ace will change his outfit(When he arrives at Rustboro city).
-May will gain a little bandana change.

Thanks for the votes everyone! And don't forget to vote on the next poll!
Atention all readers and fans! A new poll has started!
"Do you think Ace and May should change their outfits?"
Post a comment or send a message with:
"Yes" or "No"
Yes, and the Shopkeeper gave it to him.
Ok, times up! The poll is now over! The results are that Matthew ("Orange Fox") will join Ace's group! Once again I say thanks to those who have voted! And don't forget, there will be other polls!
Post or send a message with:
Yes (in favor of Matthew staying in Ace's team)
No (in favor of Matthew not joining the team).
Thanks, Felix Wind, BigJ 8/29, mastokid, for your comments and votes!
Atention all readers and fans of Pokémon Wild Legends! I'm starting a poll from this moment to know if you (readers and fans) would like "Orange Fox" as a member of Ace's group.
To vote post a comment or send me a message with:
Yes (in favor of "Orange Fox")
or No (in favor of him not joining the group).
Here's a little explanation for those readers who didn't understand what happened in the last comics:
Micheal becomes an orphan after losing his family in a fire, and ends up uniting with a mysterious man. Five years after that, Micheal discovers that his new partner is Rose, a human revived by Mew's DNA. At midnight on the same day, Silver tries to steal Rose, and reveals to Micheal that their master is behind the accidents involving his parents. Micheal goes mad with rage, and tries to kill Silver but ends up awakening Rose, who explodes the secret laboratory. Micheal's master forgives him for his failure in exchange for Silver's death. Meanwhile, for some reason Rose maneges to escape the explosion and ends up in Petalburg Woods. (Obs: These events are five years before Micheal's death)
This may seem very weird, but it's part of the main plot of the comic.
Like I said in one of my news posts, this is one of the "Special Comic Series", where I will expand every character background. In this case, I have started to tell the story of Micheal, which was killed by Silver.
Thank you very much for the congratulations, mastokid!
Thank you very much for the congratulations, Solarathehedgehog!
Oops! I'm so sorry about that! I'll fix the problem! Thanks for noticing, "money mob"!
Thanks again for the comments! Since I'm an american and I don't speak or write very well in portuguese, I'm gonna keep my comments in english.
Que bom que voce gostou! E obrigado pelos comentarios!

Thanks for the comments!
Wow! That's so awesome! I know how speak in protuguese too! I know both Portuguese of Portugal and Portugues of Brazil! Ex: Eu sei conversar e escrever em dois tipos de portugues!
That's very good! "Solarathehedgehog", you might be the first person I've ever seen, say that portuguese is simple. You must be very smart!