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Not to be a bother but...
What did you use to make this cover?

And also... I find a lack of moogle sprites sad T_T
i missed this comic man, i smiled like crazy when i saw the update
TO VAULT 13!!!
Nuff said
well his house looks like it's made of stone, so i think it's fine
... i hope
I kinda guessed silver would appear after ihe flew off the first time
It does?
I never knew that my fear tastes like apple pie
How do you guys do this? i would like to try
Lead role doesn't matter, but i would like to be represented as Montblanc, from Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced
Sorry about the DBLPost
i'm not sure if you got my previous request, but i would very much like to be added as a character
Props (And Question)
Nice Comic! Oh, and i was wondering, can i be added into this?
I Believe they are thinking "Kill...."
I can haz update?