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Sagat the Tiger
My name is Sagat the Tiger. I read a lot of comics to point where I decided to make my own. Like Akuma, I made my character after a Street Fighter. I hope to make comics and sprites just like him and the other authors.
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Alright, I'm back, sorry I haven't updated yet guys. Work schedule last week took up a bit of my free time, so I should be able to update possibly this week.
He has a saber made of laser-like energy. Doesn't that count?
@Brass & @Diamondman: I'm afraid not guys. For one thing, I've seen those kind of requests before, and I try not to lean towards that. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude about it, but I have my reasons. One fan sent me a story suggestion once, and I shot it down, with most of the reason being based on character interaction flaws to the plot.

As far as Dave joining the group goes, the reason he's on there is because I asked Djoing for his character to be part of it as a comedy relief (ok, most of them are, but he's the biggest), and got the ok for it. Plus they needed a fifth member for the tournament, so his introduction fits perfectly into the story.

I know you want to get your characters out there, but making that sort of request/demand is going to end up with a no.
@Guest: Thank you. Making the story plot (this strip, for example) was the easy part. Making each match, however, was not, but thanks to the volunteer's help, I'm getting closer to the second round, which may go faster since I know how those fights will go.
I guess what Freeze Man's trying to tell him is...
Dem "old bones" need sum milk!

So there you have it. Skull Man betrayed his creator and joined Team Toukon because he wants to be recognized and remembered as the great fighter he used to be, and by entering this tournament, that's the only way he can prove it. Too bad it cost pulling a bold move on his family.
@Brass: Don't worry, it's a joke. His name is Pharaoh Man after all. ^_^
He really should have thought more on going blue.
Actually glad Ruby Spears made the cartoon. Otherwise Pharaoh Man wouldn't be awesome.
Zero in the sewers... seems about right! ^_^
Now that's a "Hard Kick to the Face!"
So glad I finally got the chance to do this strip!
I've been wanting to do this one like forever, along with a few other ones in the future that are Freeze Man related.

Despite the match being short in 5 parts, I originally wanted to extend it to at least 8, but there were a few reasons why I stuck with 5.

1. Xasum didn't have enough poses, so I had to improvise a bit, and with Koal's description on his attacks, that made it easier.

2. Relating to the first reason, the interaction between these two was something along the line of who is a "boaster" and who is a "prover." With Xasum having all of those special powers, yet minimal poses, you can see what category he falls under, whereas compared to Freeze Man, his poses were easy to make and choreograph (i.e., the backflip and the Ansatsuken), so that gives him more of an upper hand.

3. As Freeze Man had said, he acted as a decoy. He was a strategist, while Xasum relied heavily on his powers, making him a godmod. Not only that, Freeze Man spent a lot of his time training, along with his allies, sharpening their wits, increasing their strengths, and decreasing their weaknesses (Freeze Man = Junk Shield; Quick Man = Time Stopper). Xasum recruited who he considered the best, thinking that would give him a win. Examples, Tengu Man defeating Shadow Man the first time, Astro Man and his asteroids, Flash Man and his capability to stop time, and Sword Man, which was the only good choice, due to him having longer, better experience than Blade Man. None the less, even he knew he couldn't take on all of Team Toukon by himself, hence throwing in the towel.

4. This match was on hiatus for over a year (damn laptop), so it had to come to an end, no matter how.

So with that out of the way, we'll finally get to find out why Skull Man joined Freeze Man's team real soon... But not before a certain reference strip!
That giant ice cube is enough to pretty much backup his words.
Some of you are probably wondering where in the hell that thing came from. Most of you probably have a pretty good clue of where. But the real question is: How?

Last part will be finished probably by the evening.
This strip's definitely getting 5 stars! Not because of the last panel (ok, maybe), but mostly because of the conversation between these two.
@AkumaTh: Maaaaybe not, but the next attack will be a surprise.
@NGamerS31: 14 months?!?! When you say it like that, it actually does sound like I've been gone for a long time.
Introducing: Freeze Shield.
During my time waiting, I kept thinking about the match between these two, and I thought "How is Freeze Man going to be an even match for Xasum?" Then I thought about his weakness, the Junk Shield, and decided to go with something simple like that.

Also, if you guys remember very early from the story, Freeze Man's slash was seen when fighting against Zero. By freezing his arm(s), he can form an icicle, using it as a knife in battle.

And of course, you already know Freeze Man is using the Ansatsuken techniques from Street Fighter, so not much to explain from there. But the real kicker is what's about to happen next. Update will be sometime again this week.
@Kurona: Nnnnnope! But the next match after this one is going to be really short. Same with the next one, sort of.

@Brass: I know! I just kept waiting and waiting until it got to the point where my mind was like "I can't take it anymore! Make a comic, damn it!" So I did, and I'll be updating again. Stay tuned!
Holy crap, it feels good to be back!
Okay, I'm back after god knows how many months. Before asking or assuming, no, I did not get a new laptop yet. However, after waiting for so freaking long, I decided to make a comic today.

Despite working on it through an Insignia TV screen, I managed to find the right resolution to make looking at the screen easier, so now I can get back to the tournament saga. This doesn't mean I'll be able to continue working on sprites however (comic only). Still, at least we can get on with the story a bit.

As far as updates go, that shouldn't be a problem. Since I have weekends off, and my schedule seems fit as well, I'll probably be making strips once a week, possibly two if they're short. Making the Bass Legends comics will be easy, but for the WST side comics, I might have to wait on that, though it might be possible for me to work on it.

Anyways, story-related, Freeze Man and Xasum have one thing in common: they're trying to be perfect. And it seems Freeze Man knows how to use Gadouken! Too bad he doesn't know how to use a Nail Gun. But what attack is he going to use against a laser?

Find out next week, and Happy 4th of July!
@J.P.: I'm afraid there isn't any fan art of Clash Man, but I can send you a link to the sprites.
So, Valence has daddy issues. Wonder what excuse Atharas is going to use next?

Hopefully it won't be anything like "I gave Eggman the last emerald to put food on the table," because that would nooot help him in any other way!