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Sagat the Tiger
My name is Sagat the Tiger. I read a lot of comics to point where I decided to make my own. Like Akuma, I made my character after a Street Fighter. I hope to make comics and sprites just like him and the other authors.
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@MasterTalon: Good to have you back Talon!
A knife stuck in a hard place.
So here is this month's update!

With my new job, I had to really focus on that right away, and soon I'll be cancelling my internet and cable before I switch over, so depending on updates, my plan possibly will involve working on strips during time without internet to help save financially for just a little while, I'll have to see how it goes.

Rest assured, there will be more comic strips to come.
@AkumaTh: Thank you!
@SSJ Rose Nova: I did use imgur to upload. For some god unknown reason, Smackjeeves has compressed some of my pages lately when uploading from browser.

If it continues, I'll reload it again.
It's the E one!
With the fighters selected for this match, things are going to get interesting from here!

I'll be having family driving out to visit for a couple of weeks, so if there's no update, that's why.

@Capejedi: Yes, that was part of the reason. Originally I had intended to make them fight, but there wasn't much to their sheet, and I thought about one of the strips from Crash 'N Bass where Porcelain Man is retreating like hell to avoid the duo.

Still, it was nice to finally get their cameo in this comic, and hopefully expect the author to come back to it again. Every story deserves an ending.
That second to last panel reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin!
A well written letter, followed by a gracious cameo.
If you read Crash 'N Bass, you would know how much of a sissy Porcelain Man is and how great of a Mega Man comic it was.

Now we'll be getting the good match, along with the fourth suspect entering the ring!
@Capejedi: Yeah it's a flashback. I placed the yellow box in the bottom left corner this time because of the speech bubble.
3 Jokes into 1 strip for 400! Fitting!
And here it is! Made it to 400 and wrapped up the match, along with a few scenes I've been wanting to put in since FOREVER (Censor Man joke, Fire Man's torch not being seen throughout the entire tournament, and Oil Man sitting next to Auto).

Originally when I decided to do the censorship joke, it was just going to be a black screen with the prohibition sign. Then I remember seeing a YouTube clip of Mort Goldman and the Greased Up Deaf Guy and was like "Make a character similar to this that someone like Proto and Treble would absolutely hate." So the way his personality is he censors anything he feels is bad or naughty. And the only thing he says is his name, along with anything in particular like him flying away. When he says "CENSOR MAN," it basically sounds like Krillin saying "SENZU BEAN" from Team Four Star.

Now onto Glacier Man's scheme! At the start of this plot, AkumaTh had sent me Splash Woman's sprites. When I looked at them, I thought "How the hell am I going to make her battle?" Then it hit me when thinking about Glacier Man's upcoming fight. And being the sly, crooked robot he is, the direction of this plot came into fruition, so I'm very happy with it!

With that said, we're moving onto the last quarter of the first round matches, which will really help speed up the story a bit hopefully! Until then, enjoy the comic strip, stay tuned for more and thanks for reading my comic over the years!
@Djoing: HEEEEY! Haven't seen you on here in a while! How've you been?
So much for Roll's spotlight.
Originally, I had planned for Roll's match to be extended with Guts Girl as homage to the classic Mega Man and Guts Man fights, but I scratched the idea to speed up the plot a bit so we can get to Team Light and the other two suspects' matches. Still though, I had fun making this strip, and there's the fact that Roll isn't much of a fighter.

Only one more match to go, along with 400 and a "special" character making his debut! Enjoy and stay tuned!
Blues going "blue."
And with this fight done, we'll be moving onto Roll's battle next with Guts Girl. Getting some Classic feel coming back from the first Mega Man game, especially now that we'll be two pages away from 400!

Enjoy and stay tuned!
Damn Blues, don't you know cheaters never prosper?!
Here's the next strip, and the next part will be the last before Roll and Iris's match.

So I started a new job after the last one had to downsize employment, hence why the update was a little late. That however is not going to stop me from making comics again!

Anyways, now you can see that Bomb Girl has quite an "explosive" personality... Kind of like a certain superhero-in-training we all know:
@kingdomguy15: It would still count as one. Like the water tank, Fire Girl is just an asset in this match. However the difference though is you're right, she made herself a competitor, therefore, if she gets KO'd or kicked out of the ring, then there goes Bomb Girl's handicap, just as the same would go for Splash if she runs out of water.
Some of you probably guessed right!
That's right everybody; Fire Girl, Team Robot Mistress's manager, is entering the ring to heat things up for the match.

Sorry it took a while. I started on it, but I've been job hunting lately and working on a painting. Next one will probably be this weekend. Enjoy!
@r@|\|d0mdud3: While Splash Woman is a water-type robot, the water she used didn't come directly from her, like you would see in Fire Man, Elec Man, Bubble Man, and so on. And because water is used for multiple purposes asides drinking, Bomb Girl considers it along the line of either an illegal weapon, like if Cut Man were to use a knife, or a "support unit."

Almost like the choose your weapon sort of thing, only to find out the enemy already has a secret weapon.

Does that help?
The answer has finally arrived!
Won't be long until reaching 400! And with this match, you could say it's either going to be a "blast" or something "fishy" will happen.