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I really need this comic back in my life. I miss it so dearly.
This page makes me feel so flip-floppy. D:
I mean I feel bad for Sasha because he is hopelessly in love with a girl who pretty much only sees themselves only as friends. So it must hurt really bad to see her interested in someone else.

But, I don't believe that Blythe is at fault either. I mean if you don't feel chemistry with someone than you have every right not to go out with them. I just wish she confronted him about his feelings instead of ignoring it.

I like how you go into each of the character's perspective on things. Because not everything is in black and white and there is two sides to every story.
I like how you made all these cameos appearances for Cafe Prince. XD
AND 100% DELICIOUS according to Hobo's calculations.
Richard why is all the things that I'm learning about you, just make me love you even more? *A*

Oh and I find that P3p was far more dynamic than the original Persona 3. Cause you could have social links with the major characters. But, that's just me. *waiting for P4 Golden*
It's sooooo dark and pretty~ ; u ;
And Harold seems more chill in this version. I kinda like it. :3
I'm so going to totally ship FemAssistantxHarold now.
@ Arty - Awwwwwww ;u; Why thank you. <3

@ Out - OHHHHHH, RIGHT. NOW I REMEMBER! HOW COULD I FORGET? SILLY ME. Ha man, having Out as a teacher would probably be the coolest thing ever.
And Sankyu very much. <3

@ Zaazu - ZAAAAZU~!
Oh wow thank you so much! I feel really honored to hear that. >w<
AND WE'LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND FIND OUT! Ifsomeoneactuallycontinuesthis. >A>;

@ BAM - WEWT! Thank you!!! Your words make me feel really happy now. ; u ;
Sorry for the sucky quality, this was drawn really quick. And I really had no idea where I was going with this.....But I really wanted to add a page.
I'll give you the dialogue if you can't read it.

Kumo: Well that was pretty easy.
Bridget: No shit, Sherlock
Kumo: Whatever. I guess we should go then.
Dite: Ohey wait guys. Isn't that Mr. R?
*ashes are seen on floor*
Kumo: Wtf?
Bridget: Yeah, well at least I think it is.
Dite: *sweeping up ashes* I wonder if he is okay....lalalalalalala~.......!
Alien: *whoooooooosh*
Kumo: ?.....Why should we?
Bridget: ?..Who cares about Out-sensei.
Oh goddammit.

Pooooor Yumi. ; A ; I hope you find Ina
And oh geez. Your pages are always so soft and beautiful! And you have my vote. =v=b
They look so cool!~ X3
I'm with Out on this one. Wish I could draw eyes like that. ;w;
Hahaha, finally able to post this. Manga studio kind of died on me when I was coloring this, so my friend colored it traditionally instead.

Name: Dawn
Age: 17
Race: Siren
Likes: Sorbet, music, classics, human stuff.
Dislikes: Super Junior, attention-whores, ice cream, COMPUTER PROGRAMS DYING.

Personality: More of a 'social-moth' Dawn isn't the best at making friends and is often viewed as being anti-social. She's not really, she's just terrified of making a fool of herself in front of those she admires or wishes to befriend. That said, when spoken to by those she admires she doesn't talk much and is internally spazzing. It's quite fun to watch actually.
Oh Pandachu, I kind of have a idea that kind of involves your healer/holyman. Is it alright if you put him/her up soon, it will be in a different scene than the one thats already going on.

I hope I'm not asking too much. The updates are slower because we can't all just add our characters in, but instead have to wait. Thats why I thought making another scene would help.
He looks more like a girl ._.
RIP made me do this =3=

They're pretty much the same. Same personality, same sense of style, same bandages, both look really weird and they're both chestless.
only differences are the length and style of hair, height and the fact that maleEuphie/Yuu has a pen15

Out has a beard O-o? I didn't recognize him.

BTW this looks awesome. We have so many pedo guy teachers XD.
Wow, Serena looks like a whole different person O-o. She is sexy none the less X3.
Zana looks so pretty >w<. I don't think it would be to hard for her to get a date.

Here is where most of the events and rps are taken place
I failed at using mangastudio to color this XD. It wouldn't let me go back to the previous layer D8.

Simple dress is simple, cause I'm lazy.
Dilema, Drama, Love....Just like like any Korean Drama.

I love these two.