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I am quite an odd person at times, and at others, totally predictable. Shoot me an PM if you wanna chat, or comment-
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I really need this comic back in my life. I miss it so dearly.
This page makes me feel so flip-floppy. D:
I mean I feel bad for Sasha because he is hopelessly in love with a girl who pretty much only sees themselves only as friends. So it must hurt really bad to see her interested in someone else.

But, I don't believe that Blythe is at fault either. I mean if you don't feel chemistry with someone than you have every right not to go out with them. I just wish she confronted him about his feelings instead of ignoring it.

I like how you go into each of the character's perspective on things. Because not everything is in black and white and there is two sides to every story.
I like how you made all these cameos appearances for Cafe Prince. XD
AND 100% DELICIOUS according to Hobo's calculations.
Richard why is all the things that I'm learning about you, just make me love you even more? *A*

Oh and I find that P3p was far more dynamic than the original Persona 3. Cause you could have social links with the major characters. But, that's just me. *waiting for P4 Golden*
It's sooooo dark and pretty~ ; u ;
And Harold seems more chill in this version. I kinda like it. :3
I'm so going to totally ship FemAssistantxHarold now.
Oh goddammit.

Pooooor Yumi. ; A ; I hope you find Ina
And oh geez. Your pages are always so soft and beautiful! And you have my vote. =v=b
Hahaha, finally able to post this. Manga studio kind of died on me when I was coloring this, so my friend colored it traditionally instead.

Name: Dawn
Age: 17
Race: Siren
Likes: Sorbet, music, classics, human stuff.
Dislikes: Super Junior, attention-whores, ice cream, COMPUTER PROGRAMS DYING.

Personality: More of a 'social-moth' Dawn isn't the best at making friends and is often viewed as being anti-social. She's not really, she's just terrified of making a fool of herself in front of those she admires or wishes to befriend. That said, when spoken to by those she admires she doesn't talk much and is internally spazzing. It's quite fun to watch actually.
Oh Pandachu, I kind of have a idea that kind of involves your healer/holyman. Is it alright if you put him/her up soon, it will be in a different scene than the one thats already going on.

I hope I'm not asking too much. The updates are slower because we can't all just add our characters in, but instead have to wait. Thats why I thought making another scene would help.
Every Collab Needs Weird Twins
Name: Tory Liddell
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 5'2
Weight: 101 lb
Occupation: Test subject
Personality: Bio: Introverted, intelligent, but a bit of a smart ass. He's got a lot of info on anyone that involves GeneCO. He knows the most about Lucas and the least about Alphonse. How he has come across the info has yet to be announced. Really wants to see what the outside world is like.
Bio: At a young age, the twin's parents were murdered by the Repo men for not paying off their debts. Sad and alone, the twins were confused of what actions they could take. Not wanting to go to an orphanage and get separated, the twins agreed to take part in Geneco's experimental research. What they didn't know was that they agreed to be there personal lab rats.
Rule #4 on the rules page: Ask a surGEN if Zydrate is right for you.
Extra: Outfit is actually a straight jacket
Was subjected to numerous experiments. The procedures left him stunted, permanently appearing as a young boy
Master at the art of disguising and hates it when people mistake him for a girl.

Name: Rebecca Liddell; Revy
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Height: 5’0 feet
Weight: 96 lb
Occupation: Test Subject
Personality: Two faced and/or Yandere. She appears very sweet, kind, and obedient. She is initially loving and gentle but when she grows close to you, she unmasks herself as something more sadistic and vulgar. Despite what her brother thinks, Revy finds staying in the position they are now is much safer than leaving with all the secrets they know of.
Bio: Read above bio
Rule #4 on the rules page: Ask a surGEN if Zydrate is right for you.
Her outfit is actually a straight jacket. She usually stores her belongings in her large sleeves.
Was subjected to numerous experiments. The procedures left her stunted, permanently appearing as a young girl
She talks in the third person, though it differs in serious situations.
Her unusual hairclips also could be used as a walkie-talkie/cellphone.
Just think of how many people Fyodor would kill if he hugged the earth.

I hope she likes it, it is very cute.
You and your sexyilicious style. They make me cry with envy. ;_;
If your drawings were a woman, I would turn gay for them. 8| lol
Good thing she is strong or it would be impossible to carry her pet around to one place to another.
I like her Lazy, she is unique ^^.
I am the guest *Head/desk even more*

We need crack =w=. How can we not?
@FairehMoon: great, we will use that as our forum ^-^

My scanner is busted so I can't continue it :<. Anyone who wants to go can go.
Where art thou page?
It's been enough time for ssbmftl to post up a page. Its been about 2 months. I don't want this collab to die when it didn't really start.

I don't care who, just someone continue. And introducing characters one by one.....seems strange in a way and it takes longer.

Oh Nick, I sent you a pm. Hope you don't mind.
Aww it is cute~. I like how you draw pichu.
Nice page!
I'll go next if anyone doesn't mind.
I wished I updated more. I was playing around with manga studio for I could get pages to turn out better. I love this collab, its my first. But I guess if we have to start over we might as well be more energetic X3