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I love horror movies, reading, writing, drawing, sleeping, and other stuff. I'm lazy, sorry about that, can't help it.

I'm a published writer (poems) and an art student who dreams of writing all the stories I've come up with. I like to write for and base some of my stories on my dreams or on things I sporadically come up with.

I also have a blog PM if you would like to follow it as well as a deviant account whiched is linked as my website.

I'm rebooting my comics this year. Wish me luck!
Yes it is rather nice!
Wow I haven't been on smackjeeves in months.
I set fire to the rain! Watch it burn as I touch your face!
Always making changes.
They sure so, that's why my current pet rock is still in my front yard, it has the sides of the flowerbed to keep ot in.
Or no one can win and it ends in sex ~shot~
While making sure it makes sense.
The fire types do tend to have an advantage over the more common pokemon.
Yep always have to be careful not reveal too much though
I meant for the mains but otherwise I love dark and ghost pokemon! They are just so badass.
Now for me to figure out what to do next!
Cashier girl and homestuck. You complete me, let me love you and stalk your tumblr if you have one.
I know right, I sometimes forget that people don't know what I know when I talk about my stories.
I had several pet rocks that I painted and then lost in the yard. I think they ran away or something.
Rocks make the best pets.
Maybe you don't want to spoil us with the truth!
It's okay all is forgiven
Page #99. Will 100 be super special awesome?
Yes plant pokemon are awesome!