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My english used to suck and now it doesn't.
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    Matt, that's it
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OMG that green sonic is bleeding and crying at the same time D:
You're the fastest leaving cool comics...
Can I join? leo please XD
Wow a really interesting comic, I will fav it
Wow really cool comic XD I like the story haha mix mario with pokemon, this never happens between SSB, SSBM and SSBB XD
Mmm interesting another comic of hotel type, mike good sprite work I like the spy gear. Oh I forgot it, Can I join?
I hope you update it soon
Mmm pretty cool, looks interesting, fav+
Mmm, good comic, good sprites work mmm...3/5
The iWaffle lol, I want to use more Apple products I think...I only have an iPod I wanna use MAC for a while...oh yeah your comic it's cool, good work on the sprites
lmao, cool comic
Mmmm, I think I forgot Ben...