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thank you love-i will-things are just goin to shit right now, and faulty programs drove me so completely crazy you dont even know >.>
alright, so....
i officially cant do this

wanna know why?

because every program i try sucks ass! like manga studio, where nomatter what dementions you start you page with, it always turns out tiney. or corel paint where you cant make just a normal line. or photoshop, which is just so fucking insane i dont even want to think about it

so, heres the thing, i plan on eventually starting again, but that may be a long time from now-so, if your interested in reading once i restart, comment and tell me, or send me a message with your email adress (my user name is gweezer) ill get in contact with you when i start posting again

im sorry i fail
wait...its sunday?
*edit* WHY is this upside down?!?!? arrgh!! (will fix it in the morning, i cant find my glasses, and my husbands asleep....frankly i couldent care less XD )

I TOTALLY lost track of time! Hoorah!! I didn't completely finish this, I had planned to put in talk bubbles, but that didn't happen, because I thought I had another day to work for some reason-I also wanted a back ground of some sort--ill probally work on it more today, but I wanted something to post, and its definitely bed time now

Either way! hers a SPOILER ( D: ) i put it up as thanks to you all (hehe, I sayd 'all' like there were actually people reading) for reading, and a promise of awesomeness to come-when I get back to the story, Ill probably delete this page :p

Yes, that is Grace (person whos perspective this is in-I realize I haven't formally introduced her yet) how she should be-my first sketches of her were like this-i also chose the name 'Grace' because it could be shortened to 'Ace' but as i started growing the story in my head, iv began thinking of her more and more as Grace, and Ace just seems kinda....meh

ether way! (wait...didn't i already say that?) I really felt like drawing a trombone! I dunnow if it will ever actually be ussed in the story or not-I haven't planed it into the already written out bits, and they stretch for atleast a year of constant updates-so...And, even if I do decide to add it, NO they will not be making a band-id much rather keep with real music and that semes backhanded if I make a band of my own

For all those who care about my art and journey with the tablet-so far we are not friends >.> it takes forever to come out with a finished product-and its not even verry pretty....Im having real problems drawing lines with he thing-and actually copout..ed? enough to use the line and circle tools to make the trombone...I know, Im a horrible person-but, ofcourse, karma did strike by making that perfection make the rest look like shit XD

Buttt besides its difficulties, the coloring is cool, and shading is fun-for all those who thought making a fucking pale character was some kind of sneek, don't flatter yourself, shading is HARD when you cant highlight too!

Im really happy for some aspects of this, and sad for others...I really need to work on my prospective more-expecially with her hand and the trombone (which is also angled oddly-I pretty much just fail with it) I shall work on that more this week!

It may take even longer to get back to regular updates though, sadly, because its taking me so long to do just one picture, I cant imagine a whole page! honestly, i feel like a piece of shit for uploading and stopping the story so soon :( I hope I havent lost my few fans because of that

oh jeese....I ramble on here dont I?

perhaps i should post this all somewear different-and call it a drawing blog-that way i can ramble all i want and not have to wory about adbancing the plot XD

...I ment that as a joke, but looking back its not too bad of an idea-i may actually look into it

Eather way! (I think thats my new signature)
February 28th, 2010
really gweezer?
yes, really >.> I promised myself Id never put in a filler, but things have just kindof exploded in my face

when I started this comic I thought Id quickly change to more often updates, and everyone would love it, and blah blah blah. The problem is, I cant do it...Iv sayd it many times before, but, I cant draw! I know most of you will deny this (and I say 'most' because few people read that weren't already good friends) but the simple fact is this-everything I feel good about enough to post is pure luck

This is a problem

A problem Im working to fix!

I will still update every sunday, but I wont promise a plot developing page each time-I have alot to work on! Ontop of my levil of skill, my husband just bought me a tablet, so I have to start working my skill up on that too-normally I would just work it on the side until Im ready to post here, but my scanners really giving out (which is ridiculous because I bought it last month)

Ether way, i will never get better with no practice, and having to post every week makes shure I do that

So, no update today-Iv been working like crazy the whole week-alot of this shows on my filler-Iv been working with expressions ALOT, and graces expression on this makes me happy! Iv also been working to get my characters more realistic-that shows in the differences in hair and eyes. Iv also been working on full body side profiles, but you don't get to see that yet :P also! Im trying to increase my sketching skills, which is why no color (i know its odd that its easier for me to color, its kinda a copout for me though *shrug*)

Also, I only just now realized that Faction has been playing as I write this (the song that inspired the comic) (but you dont care about that)

I hope I get my skill up to where I can give you regular updates!
Here it is-my first official update! <br> <br> truth to tell Im not a big fan-things just didnt work right with this page--one of the things I really dont like is all that space on the bottom-does anyone have some advice of what i should put there?? <br> <br> SO! The song this chapter is inspired by is 1234 by Streetlight Manifesto!!! Streetlight is considered the gods of 4th wave ska-most will swear they have never put out a bad song-I would have to agree!! <br> <br> Please check them out at there web-sight! or give this song a listen on youtube and remember that this is there song-not mine! <br> <br> And of course remember to vote! <br> <img src=''> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Also, for anyone watching the madness of me trying to figure out this site-I finally figured out how to delete those multiple posts-I just needed to use caps in the conformation deally...I swear Im horrible with the easiest things....
hope i dont disappoint! thanks for the fave!!
i love my generic little mormon teacher-makes me happy ^^

another my scanner didn't like-i swear there was a background! and i worked so harrd on coloring the teacher....ohwell-rescans coming when i feel like it!
my scanner didn't like this, hence the odd coloring-ill get it re-scanned someday....
alrighty then...
I finally did it! i know Iv been swearing Ill get this posted for months, but, here it finally is! shocker eh?
this page is broken to me-thought you may like to know??

anyway, me and my husband read through the archives today-fucking awesome work!
how the hell does this work?

btw, if somehow someone found this, and likes its looks, send me a message, and ill tell you when i get the actual thing posted