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Um.. I suck at drawing (not really but im not the best lol) and Im just here to creep... but without ppl like me there would be no people to fav and compliment how awesome every1 else is... rite? :3

I also love puppies lol
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Question! Is there some place where I can get the theme song lol??
^^^That was rude...
LOL!I I love their faces in the third panel haha <3
Theme Song??
>.< I don't see this elusive theme song player!!

(Edit).................never mind.........................
I don't care how retarded his parents are I still don't like Daniel... lol ALSO! Is Simon gonna come back? He is a sweetie ^.^

Oh! I wanna read the novel! Where can I find it??
AWW! I love it!! This is a lovely/cute/awwtastic page hahaaha I love Dake's beard btw lol
To both Jesse and Charles: What is the age difference between yall two??

To Charles: How did you get your scar? And would you mind being called Chuck???

To Jesse: What's new pussy cat??
What happened to Basir? Did he vanish or something??

Also... first comment :)
I agree with pretty much EVARYBUDY else lol I love the color :D
Dake is a bad ass mamajama lol kick his ass boi!!
To Zosiacchi: Harsh but true. lol I was thinking the same thing actually
Where the eff is Tommy/Eila? Eating cookies or shiz? At least it looks like Dake is turning the tables a lil bit
Its a good kind of molestation though :)
^^^I approve of this comment (yay Star Trek lol)
I approve of RandomKit-kat's comment and also lmao reading it haha
OMG! So way hotter!! I love his hair short!! WAY WAY WAY better than long lol Very manly and very hawty haha (good god my english teach would kill me for my gramar lol)
...So if we buy the book we get hotdog porn? Will you be changing the previous pages to that?! The ones online?!
Not the doughnuts!!! D:
Happy Ending!!!
...I think he's gonna... get saved at the very last moment then have hott smex with Tommy! Yay Happy Ending! <3
Im not even on my period and I want some doughnuts!! :S