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Lady Darkrina
Hi, Looks like you've reached my profile so I guess I'll let you know some things about me. I am a huge fan of Pokemon,Undertale and Mario kart. (It's what I normally play these days)

I'm a fan of these Mythical creatures: Dragon and Phoenix. Even though I may not be into anime much, My favourite anime are Yu-gi-oh and Rozen Maiden. I love to draw in their style and love drawing various characters from my favourite video games and cartoons. I usually watch Adventure Time, Steven Universe, My little Pony and Pokemon.

I'm quite a quiet but a little bit of a happy person most of the time. Often liking to relax and such.

I just love hunting for shiny pokemon as well, specifically hatching them through Masuda Method ^^

I have a Deviantart account but that's it really.

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Use Wide Guard! xP
@pikamewphlosion: Ha ha, well someone certainly must've not liked getting chill by ice cream xD
@Liokora: Awww, I know how you feel. I'm sure quite a lot of other arists feel the same way about their work sometimes. It's just like me. I know I get depressed about my artwork too. But, we just have to see the bright side of it all. ^^

You are no different. Your art is so awesome and you are a wonderful artist, don't be sad because you deserve all the recognition you get and your fans love you for it c:
Heh, Destiny Tower. I've always wanted to visit it back when I had explorers of Sky, but I never knew how to unlock the dungeon. xD

Well, lets see how these guys will fair against the legendary dog trio statues.
Ha ha ha awww... Mewtwo doesn't like hugs eh? xP Well you better get used to it, Jen has loads for you xD
Awww, I ship these two sooo much~ I honestly love this story. It's so amazing! ^^
Well... heh after catching up after so long... man that was so sad.. Nina literally lost almost all her team. Though I gotta say fighting Ghetsis' Hydregion was super horrible for me too xD
They probably get a paper ton of money through other various battles they win xP
Boooom! This is soooo awesome! c: Man you've improved soo much! It's been a really long time! Aaaaah! c:
Ya know I honestly forgot the name of this guy, I do remember he helped her back in a couple of chapters though ^^ He... kinda reminds me of Silver/Paul with the way he acts.

I think these two could generally make a good pair as well.
Ha ha I so ship these two~ They're the cutest duo ever! xP
Heh heh, wooo! Finally caught up c: Great work as always Pi. I love how things are going. And it's okay that you won't be doing the main story stuff, we understand ^^
Oooh, pretty fireworks ^=^ Just caught up to this xP Really great so far. I love Sam alot c:

Also, I spot with my plushy eye a certain traaainer: RED!
Pfft ahah aww Sam xD
I actually like Sam the way he is ^^ He's adorable c:

And yep, I've been shiny hunting this purrlion for quite a long while now. (yes I am a shiny hunter. I started 2 years ago)
Awww, how adorable ^^ What a beautiful victory for Nellie though c:
Wow... beautiful ^^
Pfft, loving how casual she is with the whole memory loss thing xD
Yaaay finally caught up ^^ This has been all pretty interesting, with the fact that Giovanni disguised the badge as a trap,to this weird creepy monster popping up. And the battle between him and Nix was really intense ^^
Ooooh.. and the flames intensify ^^; heya Nekky glad to see you back up to speed dear. I hope you've been better ^^