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Lady Darkrina
Hi, Looks like you've reached my profile so I guess I'll let you know some things about me. I am a huge fan of Pokemon,Undertale and Mario kart. (It's what I normally play these days)

I'm a fan of these Mythical creatures: Dragon and Phoenix. Even though I may not be into anime much, My favourite anime are Yu-gi-oh and Rozen Maiden. I love to draw in their style and love drawing various characters from my favourite video games and cartoons. I usually watch Adventure Time, Steven Universe, My little Pony and Pokemon.

I'm quite a quiet but a little bit of a happy person most of the time. Often liking to relax and such.

I just love hunting for shiny pokemon as well, specifically hatching them through Masuda Method ^^

I have a Deviantart account but that's it really.

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Heh heh, wooo! Finally caught up c: Great work as always Pi. I love how things are going. And it's okay that you won't be doing the main story stuff, we understand ^^
Oooh, pretty fireworks ^=^ Just caught up to this xP Really great so far. I love Sam alot c:

Also, I spot with my plushy eye a certain traaainer: RED!
Pfft ahah aww Sam xD
I actually like Sam the way he is ^^ He's adorable c:

And yep, I've been shiny hunting this purrlion for quite a long while now. (yes I am a shiny hunter. I started 2 years ago)
Awww, how adorable ^^ What a beautiful victory for Nellie though c:
Wow... beautiful ^^
Pfft, loving how casual she is with the whole memory loss thing xD
Yaaay finally caught up ^^ This has been all pretty interesting, with the fact that Giovanni disguised the badge as a trap,to this weird creepy monster popping up. And the battle between him and Nix was really intense ^^
Ooooh.. and the flames intensify ^^; heya Nekky glad to see you back up to speed dear. I hope you've been better ^^
Well, who knows what's gonna happen but like, maybe Victini finally understands that violence isn't the answer? owo I hope.. she'll have a change of heart.. She must've been through so much to do so much evil.
Wow, this is so amazing ^^ I'm really loving how each character has been put under each word xD amazing stuff here. Well done c:
Ha ha ha, oh my god this was so hilarious ^^ xD
Darn, poor Mimi.. but wooooooo! GO LAILA! C: what a peautiful vengence xD
Rex was awesome all the way xP It took me a bit to get at the Steven Universe references there xP I'm gonna assume gothitelle was Garnet. Reuniclus was defo Amethyst xP
Well heyo everyone. I know I only recently started this series and all. Although I felt (since I don't have much internet) like I said in my last page and the fact that smackjeeves makes me shrink my comic pages to a less than readable size, I'm going to shut down from here.

As unfortunate as it is, I just feel that I can't work with smackjeeves' size restrictions.

I've decided to move this series on to Deviant Art as my comics will be able to be read at full size over there.

If you want to follow me on there, you can find the link to my DA profile on my news post which is right here.

Again, I deeply apologise for the inconvenience to you all.

Thank you everyone who's recently followed and favourited my comic and I do hope you have a wonderful day. ^_^

- Lady Darkrina
Howdy everyone. Finally after struggling to get this up, I've at last managed to getting this shorts series started up and ready to roll.

This is the first of my comics and part 1, part 2 will be uploaded soon.

Um so, yeah as stated in the description above. Undertale Shorts doesn't have a plot or anything, it's just total randomness filled with the characters doing quite a different number of activities filled with humor. ^_^

So, I do hope you all out there enjoy this series of mine. Because I've enjoyed just as much making these comics. c:

Note: Please bear with me though, as I have very limited internet so I won't be able to update ALL THE TIME. So, I do apologise in advance for this everyone..

Anyways, again I hope you'll all enjoy it and thanks for reading~

Lady Darkrina
Lol hahah xD
I just got to the ending of this comic thus so far and I have to say your art style and the story line is really great ^^

Flowey is evil as ever and that possession scene there was chilling to the 'bone' *chuckles*

I can't wait for more. c:
Ooooh, mystery characters ^^ I wonder why they're there though? And what does mr.leo have to do with them? owo
Hey dude, just wanted to say good luck with your life and do what you must ^^ Pokemon Beta was a real awesome story while it lasted and I enjoyed it a lot. Even the characters were awesome c:

And I wish you the best in getting a career and job you love with art. ^^