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Hey there. Since i enjoying doing stinkoman's comics i am going to upload some of them.. Well.. Whats more? Oh right! I like "The cheating" On some games. like stinkoman.. Anyways..
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The comment show. (Siuper and deycres.)
Siuper: So. welcome.
Deycres:Me and siuper will do commentary for each video..
Siuper:Comic you idiot..
Deycres:Oh sorry. a for a comucation... I said good line right?
Siuper: yeeeeaa.... a.
Deycres:So who you think would win anyway?
Siuper: Im votig for sonic.Think about it. A plumber high on mushrooms and a blue robot which a single buster who shoots three small balls at one time? Sonic would win..
Deycres:I vote for rayman spyro, myself,crash bandicoot,somebody,some body,and pie.
Siuper: you know theres only mario , megamen and sonic.
Deycres:Oo! Theres a cake.
Siuper: Deycres what the f-
Im sorry but the cake is a lie. SIuper and <Grumbles> Somebody cant chat anymore cuz the cake exploded,robotnik attacked earth,trees are live and amy has married with sonic. Kthxbai!
Shut up about mario! He will appear soon and monkeys cannot stop mario. Ever.
Response to superhario
Monkey.. suit? WTF! This will make mario laugh then rather die xD
And stil..
Yea gooey is staring at that wall for over 500 comics -_-
And that blue creature (Dont remember his name) still stares...