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Xavier the Dark
A sprite making from years ago, returning back to refresh on my work for both a game and comic I am designing. Eager to get my ideas back in place and hoping others can enjoy my stories and game as they come out.

I'm easy to get along with, despite how I may seem serious. But the easiest way to tick me off is if you do nothing but bring people down.

Part time gamer, half time substitute, and full time story and character designer.
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Hard to believe this place is still going? Well...going in different forms, but still going.

To those of you that remember me, "hi". ;P
Well, with me finally alive around here again, I'll keep close eyes on your comic again. Can't wait to see how it develops along. ;P
So I'm making progress on the game and comic series that I've been wanting to make.

The old comic pages will still be kept on my Deviant Art profile for those that still want to see it. But this new story will look much different in style as I'll not be using sonic sprites. Hope you enjoy it as it comes along.

Patreon for both the game and comic.
A welcoming sight
To see this when I am starting to get back into things is a real blast. Love the way you used Xavier and Jax. Also, it's about time they kissed! It was starting to become the cliche, oblivious anime protagonist if it went much longer. Haha.
Wow....thats...alot O.o your character creation skills are unmatched
Well sorry for the wait guys, but life can really give you a kick in the face v-v

Anyway, thought I'd do my return by using the revamps I got partially done. NOt alot of poses, but still something XP
[1:07:10 AM] Sikes: Name: Xero
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Hawk
Eye colour: Blue
Fur colour: White
Upper body clothing: Sleevless vest
Lower body clothing: Bagged pants
Gloves/shoes: Fingerless gloves
Clothing colours: Black and Grey
Misc/extra: Headphones on neck
Just to make sure, who's te guy fighting Ultimate?
..and there's number two. It kind of occurs to me I have a knack for giving characters slightly depressing pasts. *shrugs*
This question drove me to split the characters into two updates and to actually plan what they say. I like it
Hmm...oh heck with it, if it's an offer, I'll take it XD

PM me for any questions.
That was easy...
I thought for a bit what he could say...but...then realized that nothing would change for his every day life ^^;
Is it evil for me to literaly LOL in real life at seeing that face? XDDDD
Took me about a minute to connect the "four balls" part with the "mental image" I hate you aswell -_-
(insert comment title here)
I got nothing really to say. Just tried to answer the question without revealing to much on my comic's story.
oh god..oh....oh god...just...oh god....uuh
Ah, a mission for only the best and bravest of soilders.
The perv is usefull XP
Well guess Xeg is usefull for something other then chasing away the ladies. XD

Anyway, I should be back to my updating schedual now htat things have striaghtened out on my life now.
here we go
Well finally got stuff straightened out for to get to making my intro here. Guess "problems" with the portal coordinates made Xavier get an accidental vacation from his work.

Well that is if you can count this place as a reccomendation for a vacation XD