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Lenn: a girl 8D
Likes: Drawing, cooking, piano, swimming, video games,reading
Hobbies: same as before
@Yuri-pad: I love it too ^^

@bubblefox: Oh yeah, he's a sexy ranter <3 Nike would probably just laugh and ignore it C:

@MikoKage: Yuuuuka ;3; LOL, it'll be fun. Little Momus hating his guts on Monday, and ranting to him on Thursday.

@xx3OH3xx:Aww, thanks!
Whooooo! Momus is finally up! LONG DESCRIPTION ;__;

Momus is the god of satire, sarcasm, and criticism. This pretty much means he gets to be a jerk 24/7(whoo).

He's totally sarcastic and seeks to make fun of everyone and anyone(even if that means he's going to get smitten by Zeus somehow). He is also pretty condescending(looks down on you) and regards everyone as stupid.

(Random example: He made fun of Morpheus-god of dreams- by calling him a creeper who spies on people in their dreams LOL)

But underneath the mask of a jerkwad, he's actually pretty sensitive. But only on Thursdays. On those days he usually breaks down in front of a stranger and rants to them how he has no friends and how miserable he feels.

Momus is a big drama geek, and dreams of being a superstar(he's a minor god OTL). His "special power" is to shapeshift by putting on his mask.
He's won me over xD
And Momus has probably been won over too.
Best reaction ever! xD
LMAO Hera is awesome.
Gotta get Momus up C:
An update?! 8D