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I am: small, short and a skincare product junkie~
I like: orange, tiramisu, blogs, magazines, poupee, the internet, him and them~ <3
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That cookie crisp box looks so innocent.
Lol. XD I really didn't expect a happy face under there.
Gumdrop looks badass even when tripping.
That is one epic rock. x3
LOL~ Larry! D:
I liked Long Arm Larry.
The potato is upchucked smiling. How cute~ 8D~
I thought the bad guy's face was deformed. But that's just his nose, isn't it.
Lol. She kicked him. 8D
Oh noo~ Babies shouldn't frown. >:
"I was born ready."
XD Love the smirk~
Noo, the cow. >:
I liked how the potato looked dead in panel 4. x3
Rofl. Kids and their drawing on the wall.
XD Love the 7th panel.
You just made my day.
Lmfaoo. This is so cute and cheesy~ x3
LOL. His pig nose is a knee slapper. 8D