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Penning as CindyJeans, you can all just call me CJ.
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    Cynthia Kebeck
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Hee, I love the Story of Evil *_*

This makes me want to work on my ArtBook more and more *O*
I'm really getting hooked on this. Your art style is really captivating! Thank you for another great page.
Your art style is is stunning! I'm favving this to read more!
Cute beginning, I'm interested! And I like your art style a lot ^^
hee, I'm still loving this so much.

And even though you say they're rushed, your pages and art is great! I am so jealous, keep up the hard work, Miyu~chan ^///^
Aww, so cute. Haru's in for a shock, I can see where this is going >3<

(I'd totally take you up on the unpaid manager thing! XDDDD I'm doing a printing business on the side~ X3 PM me?)
Love this MUCH! <3 Keep up the hard work X3