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I'll be honest -- the only reason I have this account is to keep track of all the amazing webcomics on this site! So I'm basically a professional fangirl.
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I've lived on the east coast almost all my life... except for a two-year stint in Kentucky.
I've never traveled west of Texas, but the most eastern I've been is Bratislava, Slovakia.
A sea turtle! You just made my day, even if he's going to be shown much later.
I really like the outfits here -- especially the adorable hat!
So, I am a very recent fan (as in, I started reading less than a week ago), so I wasn't waiting for however long you were gone, but. Yay for this comic!
They're both in this awesome introspective pose.
I must be a horrible person because the first thing I thought when seeing this page was "nice aim"!
Definitely our little Floatsam and Jetsam duo, then. Two for the price of yum!