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fish out of water
Um...let me think. I like puppies. They're so cute and cudley. I am not a drawer. So I won't be making any webcomics. I like shojo love and MILD BL. GL is kinda gross since I am a girl...Also, I will forever be a fan of Pokemon and Digimon. My favorite Pokemon is Togekiss. That's all I got for now.

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...Been awhile again huh? Sorry, I almost forgot that I had a smackjeeves...till I watched Rozen Maiden and the guys name is Jun and remembered!

This story remains the best forever. XD
Ha ha! I love short people. :3
I know you've said to be patient in reading this comic but...I can't help but be a little bit mad at myself. I mean! I'm missing a great story!

The fight has begun!! XD
first comment again...? :3
Awwww Kitsu is just to cute! Jun and Momoka look so much like couple! XD
What my sister said! Ah, I love all the cover pages you draw! There always so nice and pretty! X3
Kitsu reminds me of someone...Oh well, she's so cute! And that one girl is really tall! XD
When I finally made a account I forgot to fave this. Sorry! I agree with Pichu, he does look cute in panel 1. X3
It looks interesting so far. And I am wondering what that girl...not girl is. :)
Well, I've seen the highlight of my day. :)
This page made me sad...(T__T)
Wow...I'm acutally the first person to comment...That's odd. XD Anyway, awww Jun IS sincere! I wish I had a boyfriend like him! X3
The question we've all been waiting for! XD
His and her outfits are awesome! I can't wait for more! X3
Oooh a battle scene! XD
Those are some pretty colors! Its okay. It makes me me feel happy and bright! XD f'vd
WOW! This looks really cool! This is was an instant fave! I can't wait for it to start. X3
Awww this comic is so cute! Hopefully, Tsubasa will recover. ^_^
OH! That's why! I better remember that! Anyway, you're relationship is getting better! I mean, just look at how bored Liam looked with Sarah! ^_^
Nice background for the comic. I love Toki! And Dog-boy is really cool! XD
Your art style is amazing! I can't wait for the next update! X3