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Well, I work best with 8-bit.
Messan tries to be all mystical and such, but he comes a little too early.
And yeah, here's Selfmade Man. I like the idea behind him.
Shendon is apparently incredibly lazy.
Well, at least the weapon earned from Metman is not being impervious to harm.
The way to kill Metman was exactly the same way as to kill Invincibleman. Silly Shendon. Or perhaps, lazy Shendon.
Shadie appears again, but gets killed by an WC3 Revenant. I really like that game. If it wasn't for the small sprites you would prob... yeah, you know about that.
Also a bit fun that Metman is completely oblivious about what happens around him, and sings a song about peace. But that hardly makes a joke.
Accidently, two of the robot masters were very similar, I could have thought that through a bit more. Although it made for a pretty fun point.
By the way, I think Iceman's last line should be more like "You know what? This is just stupid." You can read as if that's what he says.
It was a very absurd joke I made here, but I like it.
No thoughts here really...
For some reason, that guy is not invincible without his cap. I ask myself from the past two questions: How did Iceman know it? And how were the readers supposed to know it?
Funny that Invincibleman have such a stupid weapon. How the heck are you supposed to hurt one with a piece of cloth? Maybe if Iceman was allergic to cotton. And that drives us to: How would robots be allergic to something?
No bigger reflections about this one. But I spelled invincible wrong.
This time, he didn't froze down. Nope, he just stopped moving because of an incredibly silly robot master. With a nightcap.
Probably my favorite of the early strips.
Might sound a bit wierd, but what I am most displeased with about this strip is that Iceman starts his both sentences with "Well...".
Also, Pumpkin Man was apparently made out of a pumpkin. Isn't that like making a robot out of wood? Oh wait, Wily did that.
This strip is probably the one that makes me regret the most, that I used so small sprites. How is the reader supposed to understand, that Iceman uses his ninja skills to teleport behind him? Or that he gets the small knives in his back? When there has to be this kind of text below, you can tell I was doing something wrong. But that's a long time ago...
Now when I look back, I'm not sure why Iceman wouldn't understand it was a PUMPKIN that PUMPKIN Man threw on him. Guess it was rolling to much.
Yup, Iceman froze down.
I originally intended that Iceman thought the robot master looked so weird that he stopped moving, or something. But that's not how it became.

I am not really happy with that "Em" he says. That might sound like a small problem, but it is the small details that makes it up. It should be "Er". Or something.
As I said earlier, he can't really be skillful. He can't even avoid that shot. Perhaps that's why Iceman call his shorty (although Ninja Man is taller), as even Iceman avoids attacks better than a ninja.

But, you have not seen the last of Ninja Man...
For those who wonder, kunai is small throwing knives ninjas used. Though, Ninja Man doesn't appear to be very skilled, throwing them on his clones just because his enemy jumped.
What I said in Nr16.