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So it's been awhile, but finally we've started making comics again. I've decided we'll go on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule for now, so that we can build up some more comics in case we get behind again. I figured September 1st was a good day to start, although school is coming up so maybe we'll get behind again. However this coming week we'll be able to get a lot done (hopefully) so we should have a decent queue for a good amount of time.

The problem with getting behind in comics is you sometimes forget what your plans were. I don't know if Link was originally the saviour we had planned, but we came up with new ideas and so there really isn't any harm done (I still remember some things with regards to where I want to go next in the story).

I've decided that these guys aren't well-acquainted with Link. They've heard of him (hence Kirby recognizing him as being the hero from Hyrule) and maybe they've somehow seen him around, but they don't actually know him.
And so Wolf shows up, at a very inconvenient time for Fox and Falco, in need of a ship.
Dark Falco's plan is revealed...or at least, part of his plan. And who knows, maybe it's not HIS plan, just whoever he's working for...
Someone ALWAYS shows up!
Here Captain Falcon is taking Fox and Falco to Mushroom Kingdom to find Dark Falco. However, their trip is interrupted once again. How convenient for the sake of suspense...
So here is the official start of this storyline.

Here, Pit talks of some dark times approaching. Not much to add...
Sorry for the late updates!!! Holidays had me less motivated than I had hoped in terms of comics...

I've decided to name my comics by the specific events that are occurring within, instead of giving each individual comic its own name. The Chase the Clone storyline has been doing this up until this point, but now all of the comic titles will be in this format.
Thanks. Thanks.
Merry Christmas!
This is our first Christmas! I toyed with separating the out of continuity holiday specials from the actual comic, but then we thought of a way to fit this into the storyline. For later specials, we might separate them, but this one stays.

Have a great Christmas everyone!
So this time, I used the topic of a common dispute among Star Wars fans. Just because I couldn't think of anything else at the time.
In an effort to minimize the time spent mourning Daisy's loss, we took an approach similar to Macbeth when he realized his wife, the queen, died. And once we realized this, we decided to quote almost exactly.

Of course, Macbeth's lack of sadness in this event has to do with his being desensitized due to the events before the queen's death, which is definitely not neces
Well that's one way of getting someone to leave you alone...

Also yeah, I decided it was time to kill off a character. Daisy's bad decision to stay with the group instead of leaving with Peach ended up ultimately causing her demise. Funny how the people who aren't always the nicest seem to end up in a better situation. Almost seems unfair...
Looks like Dark Fox isn't planning on sharing any information! Of course Donkey Kong's method might work....
In reference to an above comment, I'm guessing an epic battle is soon to come. It shall be exciting!

As for this storyline, I dare not guess what's going on here. I shall simply await the explanation!
Here it is suggested that we don't know who Dark Fox is really working for. Who is working for who?
A reminder that Mario and Diddy are not aware of Bowser's Castle exploding, nor of Luigi, DK, and Daisy being inside.
So obviously Dark Fox was not in the castle when it blew up.
You mean the X storyline? That's possible..

Also, I notice King becomes unpixelated in the second frame. This could be either an error or symbolic of something...
I do have a feeling that this is some sort of world where all of those absorbed by the Gizoid go...meaning that it indeed would be "Gemerl" and not the Gizoid in this world...this would explain why Cossack, King, and Gemeral are all here. Soon enough I expect we'll see some of the others, as mentioned above (Protoman, Buzz, Joe, Knuckles, etc.)
So this and the last comic were late. For this, I apologize...

Anyway, so in the last comic it became established that word is traveling about the trouble that Dark Falco has been causing.

Here, Captain Falcon tells the others about the other clones that have been showing up. Also, I've established the idea of a "World Headquarters" here. My plan for this is a place that sort of monitors world events, anything that goes on in the world. Obviously they aren't super beings, so they can't keep track of EVERYTHING, which is why they don't know who's sending the clones. But since the clones' activities have been taking place in public, it's not hard to notice.
Anyway, when you gather a group of heroes, it's usually good for them to have a place that they can all meet (Think Superfriends, Justice League, etc.). So the World Headquarters (World HQ) will be that place.