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About me? Well, first off I'm a big love story junkie, honestly, it's a little embarrassing ^^
BL, GL, Het, I adore it all and will read anything so long as it's cute. I think that's why I love smackjeeves so much!

Yes, I drew that little picture for my icon. I'm working my art skills up to maybe having a webcomic of my own one day.
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I'm sad to see this end but thanks for such a great comic. I'll miss this
Aw the last panel is sooo cute. ^^
Awww! Haru's adorable! Great page, great comic! ^^
So cute!
I can't wait to see what he does! ^^
^^ First!
Such a cute update
I love Haru's mom, I'm glad to see a parent with such an interesting character. Lol at the "I love boys with glasses" apron. Great update, can't wait for more.
Oh my gosh! *squeel* that is SO cute ^^ great job! Can't wait for the next page~
Oh, I assumed that ^^ haha, wanna hear the story though...
Lol, some people actually guessed "he's acutally a woman" or "he's pregnant" xD hehe.

Lots of others said he's gay but if that were true, wouldn't he be super sensitive about it and not have taken the bet in the first place? (the bet was "make this other dude fall for you")

So my money's on something embarrassing he still does, like wear footie pajamas or something he did when he was a kid. ^^

or he's pregnant! XD
No drama? :C

Haha, I guess comedy works too! ^^
No matter what you do with this comic, I always look forward to it's updates. Keep up the good work even if your updates have to be less and less frequent. With school starting you won't have too much time to draw comics but then again, your readers will have less time to be reading comics. So it all works out I guess. ^^
Knew it! Haha, that's okay. I think that would have been moving too fast too early in the comic, anyway. I like that your comic has plot and I'm always more for the emotional stuff. I have a feeling I'm going to get just that cuz Haru just started DRAMA.

Oh, Shiratori, will you be able to understand that Haru likes you but you're moving too fast for him or will you think he doesn't want you at all? :(
We'll find out, on the next episode!! Dun dun da! Okay, ok *stops being a dork and waits patiently for the next update* ^^
Lol, I wonder what that object she's holding that says "Ima Frisbee" on it could possibly be. Nice touch. ^^

This page confuses me as well, I'll just have to read the rest.
Oh no! This update is just as suspenseful as the last! What will you do Haru? Great comic. These pages are great but don't worry, I'm a sucker for fluff too! I'll be just as happy when the comic goes back to that ^^
Yes! He's gonna confess! :D I'm about as happy as Haru in the last panel on the right ^^
Very cute page, I can't wait for more ^^
:3 *is content in hug pile*
I'm sad to see no frequent updates but I'm not in a rush for this comic to end either. Actually quite the opposite. Good luck with classes. I understand you'll be busy but I do look forward to the next update.
-Some girl from The United States
Aw! This page is lovely. I can't wait to find out how Henry reacts.
Aw~! hehe, This is adorable! ^^ Can't wait for an update!
Hehe, omg, this page made me giggle out loud!! ^^
Thanks so much for taking down the mature warning, I'm pretty sure I passed on this comic because if it once but I just recently rediscovered it, and it's fantastic! I love your style so much <3 ^^