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That drawing is so cute and your fans love you very much, even if there's not many of us =) This comic rocks!
Please please don't hurt yourself, its not worth it I have a long scar up my arm from when my parents pushed me over the edge. Now its a consant reminder of the hell I went thru. When ever i see it I hear thier voices taunting me and see the sneers on thier faces and remeber what it felt like to want to die. Just remember it will get better, don't let her get to you. Brush off her words cause thier just words don't let them hurt you.
Aw I feel so bad for him, I know its necessary for the plot but its so sad. And don't feel bad, just be proud you could arise such strong emotions in people with your writing.
wow that actually made me want to cry
This page is amazing. I love the first panel. And your english isn't too bad.
January 28th, 2011
I like this page your an amazing drawer
Now you have 101 fans! =D This comic rocks!! XD
its like a silent film but so much more amazing. freehugz said it right. You are a really amazing artist and story teller!
Wow, i just read thru your comic and you two make me feel like i don't belong in the nerdherd. Hehe you two rock. Love this comic!
looks really good and i love the title of this comic. It rocks
that looks awsome i like the hand
Lol poor guy. This page is really funny i haven't had a good laugh in a while. Ur comic made my day. And Please don't cry im not an expert but i think ur getting a lot of love now. U don't suck and i don't really know u but im pretty sure u've never sucked and never will. So as every keeps telling u Don't cry Smile=)
September 15th, 2009
Looks awsome