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Royle McCulloch
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Yeah I'm still working on this whole thing.
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: You mean the fur? I've already made a new one where the fur is being influenced as well.
@Smiffy SMF <3: Yeah thats true. Good thing this isn't final render.
A whole week for this one second worth of footage lol.

Also this is really compressed and without sound so here's the full clip:
Hyena. It's a Hyena. Right?
This size is shrunk, full size is on DA, the drawing was just, too big, for here.

You can also watch the art process here:
He'll give you THE spice.
One of the frames I drew for my sprite animated project Path: Bur-Mahlta, I have recently released the second trailer so check it out!
--> <--
This was an effect I experimented with/discovered in a previous clip:

I found it turned out really well, so this is my second time doing it.
Finally been able to release a clip of the animation, parts of which I've shown here before, so check it out!

Also bare in mind that it is not the final output, especially the sound, so feel free to critique!


--> <--
What program was this done in?
A commission requested by:

It wasn't till now I appreciate the irony of naming a furry dino Rex. It's his "dog".

The full version is on DA:

Or watch it be made on youtube:
@Dregan: Thanks, there was supposed to be more but I guess it was too big to make in the gif.
This is a sample of the first clips I've made that have special effects, I used a lot of techniques that I used to make comics in the past.

You can watch me make it here:
Hmm good idea putting all your unfinished art into a collage.
Basically my excuse for not working on anything comic wise here, trying to make something one step closer to my career and something more original than the comics.

So now I finally have made enough to make a trailer out of, the video of which will be provided below.