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I am not as delicious as my username implies -haha-
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Theo so tsun-tsun!
I'm back ~ With moaaar love ~ ( ^ w ^ )
Thanks for the support!

I will resume uploading this now, but the vol. 1 will be available at Summer Komikon (April)

See you there!

And check out for more updates and surprises for better girlfriend!
@CactusJuicy: yay
@GONE: yes~
@kuroske: thank you!
Please read from LEFT to RIGHT thank you :D

09 / 23 / 2012 :

Taking a break from my school plates.. XD So I made a page.
Please read from LEFT to RIGHT thank you :D

09 / 19 / 2012 :

First official page's now up! :D

*Will make more after finishing my school plates*
@GONE: thanks hehe
@angelic lily: will do my best!
@Jactance: waa i'll try to post once / twice a week :D
@Chokolatte: ^__^
09 / 16 / 2012 :

"Looking for a better girlfriend" web manga ...Launching!

Since I can't post new pages for "Looking for a better boyfriend" series of mine because it's already officially published..

I will make this one instead. He he.

I hope you guys will love and support this one too!

I'll do my best. :D
Hopefully, I can update this weekly... again ;D

With this 4 koma. (Side stories)
For people asking for reference(s) of this two character:

Who wishes to be used for fanart, cosplay, etc.

Feel free to view :D
Sorry for the long delay T_T

by the way please support this comic also at Mangamagazine (it is FEATURED THERE yay)


Thank you all!!
XDD lazy page haha
Nah, not an update but.. an update regarding the official published version.

*For Philippines(Filipino) only:

Yay~ grab your copies now @Comic Odyssey

-Get your favorite double-title back-to-back and solo-series books now! Retails at P 85 per book at Comic Odyssey Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Manila!

For direct-to-home-delivery ordering service, please stay tuned :) We will be announcing GCASH and Smart Money purchasing channels within the week :)

Buy through GCASH and Smart Money mobile-remit ordering and save on multiple book orders, special bundles, and shipping!

Please stay tuned! :D-

And more shops to come soon~

Sorry for the super late update.

Page 04~! (Stupid)
@sociallu awkward bunny: yess~ i hope you can support it too thanks~

@Maowe:Ehehe yes :D

@Jigz_Miscreation: Yay thank you po~ TBA pa po shops pero malapit na~

@orangjuz: Hmm as of now, the retail shops comes first before the online shop~

@akeena: Hmm di na po, puro extra nalang lols.

@Moonlightkamika: :)
Anyone willing to translate this?


I can't seem to translate it in a funny way. OTL
@*Suki*: thanks~

@Socially Awkward Bunny: yay XD

@idol lover: hehe thank you! I'll do my best to update~

@Chingu: XDD
Is it correct?

It's Wai Gong? AHAHA XDD