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Theo so tsun-tsun!
I'm back ~ With moaaar love ~ ( ^ w ^ )
Thanks for the support!

I will resume uploading this now, but the vol. 1 will be available at Summer Komikon (April)

See you there!

And check out for more updates and surprises for better girlfriend!
@CactusJuicy: yay
@GONE: yes~
@kuroske: thank you!
Please read from LEFT to RIGHT thank you :D

09 / 23 / 2012 :

Taking a break from my school plates.. XD So I made a page.
Please read from LEFT to RIGHT thank you :D

09 / 19 / 2012 :

First official page's now up! :D

*Will make more after finishing my school plates*
@GONE: thanks hehe
@angelic lily: will do my best!
@Jactance: waa i'll try to post once / twice a week :D
@Chokolatte: ^__^
09 / 16 / 2012 :

"Looking for a better girlfriend" web manga ...Launching!

Since I can't post new pages for "Looking for a better boyfriend" series of mine because it's already officially published..

I will make this one instead. He he.

I hope you guys will love and support this one too!

I'll do my best. :D
Hopefully, I can update this weekly... again ;D

With this 4 koma. (Side stories)
For people asking for reference(s) of this two character:

Who wishes to be used for fanart, cosplay, etc.

Feel free to view :D
Sorry for the long delay T_T

by the way please support this comic also at Mangamagazine (it is FEATURED THERE yay)

--> http://www.mangamagazine.net/manga-and-comics/Help-me-Save-Daddy/detail-page/150

Thank you all!!
XDD lazy page haha
Nah, not an update but.. an update regarding the official published version.

*For Philippines(Filipino) only:

Yay~ grab your copies now @Comic Odyssey

-Get your favorite double-title back-to-back and solo-series books now! Retails at P 85 per book at Comic Odyssey Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Manila!

For direct-to-home-delivery ordering service, please stay tuned :) We will be announcing GCASH and Smart Money purchasing channels within the week :)

Buy through GCASH and Smart Money mobile-remit ordering and save on multiple book orders, special bundles, and shipping!

Please stay tuned! :D-

And more shops to come soon~

Sorry for the super late update.

Page 04~! (Stupid)
@sociallu awkward bunny: yess~ i hope you can support it too thanks~

@Maowe:Ehehe yes :D

@Jigz_Miscreation: Yay thank you po~ TBA pa po shops pero malapit na~

@orangjuz: Hmm as of now, the retail shops comes first before the online shop~

@akeena: Hmm di na po, puro extra nalang lols.

@Moonlightkamika: :)
Anyone willing to translate this?


I can't seem to translate it in a funny way. OTL
@*Suki*: thanks~

@Socially Awkward Bunny: yay XD

@idol lover: hehe thank you! I'll do my best to update~

@Chingu: XDD
Is it correct?

It's Wai Gong? AHAHA XDD