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This is dumb...
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well this took off.
It's been a month since this comic was posted. We should really start making them again lol.
The reason they changed it (my belief) is because it would only make sense that Greedo were to try to kill Han, instead of Han killing him for no reason (there obviously was a reason, but it makes more sense the way it was done in the re-master.)
The ampersand in the title of this comment looks like "et" in French, meaning and, which I thought was kinda cool. (Another random comment!)
I'm going to pretend not to notice that huge white gap. The text WAS justified. There was no mistake whited out.
Merry Christmas!
I thought both authors should say it. Whoever reads the comic, a very merry Christmas to you! And for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas,happy holidays!! (Obviously she's talking about Mario, who is trapped in a cell, but she is so selfish and doesn't care, and she wouldn't if she knew where he was anyways. 'Cause she's like that.)
You know, I never noticed the whole different colour aspect myself...
With 5 seconds left on the clock, how could they possibly escape?
Dumb waste
oh well, excuuuuuuuuse meeeee princess lol
Minor Change
At the end of this comic, with the obscenity, is where we made the switch over from the Calibri font to the Comic Sans font, which is more suitable because it is a COMIC. Just a random, waste of time comment to let you know we do work onthe format of our comics....somewhat...
That move Jigglypuff did (The Pancake), is obviously his/her (what is it?) equivalent of a face palm.
All I have to say about King Dedede is (noise!).
this is great
no its the one the game gives u