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Ok so I've been waiting SO LONG for these two to end up on the same pages!
JJ and the intruder bounce off of each other amazingly, and Melina is just... so done XD

I will be in Burbank, CA this weekend attending a conference, so next weeks page may be a little late due to me running around like a madwoman for the next week.
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@Bloodlust: Savage XD
Hey everyone!
Hope you're enjoying this weeks update ♥

I've gotten a few messages from people asking if I'll be going to shows near them for the past few months, & first off— AWWWWWWWWW!!! YOU GUYS WANT ME MEET ME IRL???? LEGIT TEARS WHENEVER I GET ONE OF THOSE MESSAGES.
*Composes self*
SO! Exhibiting at shows takes a lot of time and energy out of me and my schedule, and sometimes the shows are so far away I can't make it out to them without A LOT of preplanning and budgeting. The best way to possibly get me to your local convention is to tell the con you want me as a guest. Legit if you tell these guys who you want as a guest, they'll usually listen— SPECIALLY if there's a bunch of requests.

So if you're one of the people who have messaged me or who were planning to message me about me going to your local convention: Email your conventions guest liaison or convention coordinator that you would like to see me invited as a guest, provide links to the EC! website as well as to my contact page in my website so they can get a hold of me.

Seriously the fact I have to write this out is pretty fricken cool <3

Until next time!
~Melissa M ♥
@Blackrosewitch: I'm so glad to hear that! (Sorry it kind of ghosted for awhile) I hope you continue to enjoy the redo as much as the older pages <3
My poor confused boy-
Legit, this boy needs a big hug.

Buffer is slowly coming together which makes me REALLY happy <3

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Jeez Melina
@H4RSHKN1GHT: Her hair does the Miyazaki floating thing when she's pissed XD
Quick announcment!
Hello lovely readers~♥

Due to an upcoming out of state trip, EC! will be updating on Mondays only for a bit.

Hopefully this will allow me to get EC!'s buffer back on top of prepping for my trip.
Hope you guys enjoy todays page!
This is gonna end badly...
Hello lovely peeps!
The next week or two will be spent getting back into an artistic rhythm and hopefully getting my buffer back up to where i want it to be, because I miss not being able to post up pages on time TT_____TT

I don't know about you guys, but sneaking up on people isn't the best thing to do... SPECIALLY given the delicate situation poor Melina is coming to terms with >>
Things are getting a LITTLE more concerning for our poor nursing student~

Question Time!
"Which of the cast would you prefer to have help you study for an exam, and what are the odds they'd help you get a passing grade?"

Keep those comments coming in! I love reading your guys responses to questions and pages :D
Hey guys!
So that no one is surprised, my day job has owned my soul this summer, so I have 2 weeks left of crazy work hours before I go back to my regular schedule of comic production. That being said, updates may be a little slow until I regain my buffer. I will be working my butt off to get pages out on time, but the universe just loves to mess me up whenever i try to plan anything.

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Hey guys!
Wow so Melina doesn't really waste time with that bat, does she?

In an effort to keep conversation going, Wednesdays will have random questions for you guys to answer and participate in!
Here is this weeks topic :D

"If you could invite one of the cast from EC! over for dinner, who would it be and why?"

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@GamingNinja: hope you can read it now!
Late update
Hey guys sorry for the page malfunction today, the page must have got corrupted when put into the schedule generator. I couldnt fix the page until I got home from work
hopefully now you guys can now enjoy the update :D
@H4RSHKN1GHT: Pages will resume updating on Monday! It's been a hectic few weeks, and I was without internet for 3 weeks while visiting family 3000 miles away.
@BabySteele: about 5.5?
Hey guys!
New chapter (FINALLY)! :D

Those of you who have read EC! since the beginning may be thinking "Uh... this isn't how it started before???"
One of the lovely things about reboots is the ability to make things better, so i made a better start to this chapter :D
Going on break!
So after every chapter that is completed online, I take a 2 week break from posting. Check back every once and awhile though, cause there will be some guest comics from my coloring assistant that you guys might find entertaining :D
This pages marks the end of chapter 1! YAAAAAAAY!
That went fast ._.

So how did you guys like the chapter? Old time readers: What did you think about the new pages in regards to the old ones?

EC! will now be going on its annual break, if you would like updates and random drawings and cat pictures— you can follow me on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter @ArtByMelissaM, or you can follow EC! on Tumblr (@EpicChaosArtBlog) or on Facebook (@EpicChaosWebcomic)

Hope everyone enjoyed! This now marks the official beginning to this crazy story I've been working on for so many years, buckle up gang, cause its about to get bumpy.

~Melissa M. ♥