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Conventions Coming Up!
Hey guys!
Quick announcement that you'll be able to find me at Artist Alley Table E-47 at WonderCon in Anaheim, CA March 23rd-25th.

If you're in the Seattle, WA area March 30th-April 1st, you can find me in the SakuraCon Artist Alley at table 515!

I've got some new EC! merch, and lots of hugs to give!
@TimeSceo: I mean— I would be too??
Thanks for your patience!
This page is coming a little later than I had originally intended (sorry about that!)
For those of you who don't follow me on my social media accounts, I was really sick this weekend which resulted in an ER visit and a few days of R&R, then having to visit a family member who was admitted into the hospital, hence the later than anticipated page update. I'm doing better, still a little green around the gills, but well enough to work on pages when I get a spare moment.
I'm back!
New York was fun, but I'm glad to be home ♥

Next Convention I will be exhibiting at will be WonderCon in Anaheim, CA March 23-25, 2018 :D
You can find me in the artist alley at table AA E-47, I'll have a bunch of new EC! merch available~
Happy Valentines Day!
I leave for NYC tomorrow, so if you wanna follow the insanity, you can follow the adventure of me going to a big city on my Instagram and Twitter (@ArtByMelissaM)
Going on a break!
Hello peeps!
So just a quick heads up, I'm flying to New York this week! Due to this, the comic is gonna go on a short break until I'm back home~
Pages will resume on Monday February 26th :3

Next Convention will be WonderCon in March!
San Mateo Appearance!
Happy Update Day guys!

If you're in the San Mateo/South San Fransisco area, I'll be exhibiting at the PLCAF Small Press Expo at the San Mateo Public Library on Saturday Feb 10th from 12pm-4pm~

I'll have some merch for sale, flyers to give out, and will be trying to do some drawing demos at my table :D

<img src=" 3RM3L1tp9bn4o1_1280.jpg" width="533" height="640">
@EmilyAnnCoons: Oh god you found the old art *burns laptop*

As for commissions:
I open them online from time to time, but at this point they're closed because of project/convention deadlines.

I will make an announcement on my social media accounts when I have time to open up a few commission slots :3
@H4RSHKN1GHT: OH! Awesome! Now I've got a username for the art piece, I'm glad to hear I did your character justice with the pin up!
Also happy to hear you like the redux, I'm always paranoid that long time readers are so done by now XD
Aw shucks
@H4RSHKN1GHT: DAWWWW thanks ^^;;
@EmilyAnnCoons: Yay! I'm glad to hear you like the comic and it's characters!
Fear not, I foresee more fan service in the future ;D

Although if you wanna see fan service doodles and stuff I do for the lols, The EC! facebook fan page or my instagram (@ArtByMelissaM) gets updates of random drawings from time to time :3
Happy Monday guys!
Things are getting a little dicey, huh?

Make sure to vote for EC! on TWC so you can see the mock set up of the volume 1 cover! <p><img src="" height="139" width="150" border="0" alt="Top Web Comics"/></p>

Kickstarter progress is coming along, and as the days go on, I get more and more anxious for this campaign.

Come Late March/Early April I'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Volume 1 of Epic Chaos! which will be a 200 paged full color graphic novel.

Physical book tiers will be $35 with free shipping for USA backers, with higher tier options that come with lots of cool new merch!
Follow the Epic Chaos! Facebook fan page for up to date information regarding the Kickstarter, and be on the look out for contest and campaign launch dates :D
Hello lovelies~
Sadly things on my end have been rather hectic with the holidays swooping in one after another messing up my daily routine TT-TT
I apologize for their being no update last week, I was bed ridden sick for a few days and couldn't finish the page in time, and then had some family things to take care of once I was back on my feet.

Hope you guys enjoy this page! it was a lot of fun to work on~
This will be the last up date of 2017!
I'll be going on my annual Xmas vacation, pages will resume updating Monday January 8th~

If you want some more EC! while the comic is on break, consider following me (@ArtByMelissaM) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where I post the occassional doodle or two of EC!'s cast doing fun stuff :D

Have a Happy Holidays and a great New Year ♥
@TimeSceo: He needs all the hugs after the day he's had
Sorry for the late update!
Hey guys! sorry for the late page, it's been a hectic week, and this page took so long to draw/edit/etc.

In other news, EC! now has its own Discord!
Join the chats and fun :D
Shoot, that’s what all my friends in high school did.
Went to school with a bruise on my neck (thanks to a rogue piece of sheet rock trying to take me out), and I was being asked all day who I hooked up with XD
Ok so I've been waiting SO LONG for these two to end up on the same pages!
JJ and the intruder bounce off of each other amazingly, and Melina is just... so done XD

I will be in Burbank, CA this weekend attending a conference, so next weeks page may be a little late due to me running around like a madwoman for the next week.
Did you know EC! has a Facebook page? Things get pretty interesting there. consider giving it a like!

You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @ArtByMelissaM (I'm way more active on twitter)
@Bloodlust: Savage XD
Hey everyone!
Hope you're enjoying this weeks update ♥

I've gotten a few messages from people asking if I'll be going to shows near them for the past few months, & first off— AWWWWWWWWW!!! YOU GUYS WANT ME MEET ME IRL???? LEGIT TEARS WHENEVER I GET ONE OF THOSE MESSAGES.
*Composes self*
SO! Exhibiting at shows takes a lot of time and energy out of me and my schedule, and sometimes the shows are so far away I can't make it out to them without A LOT of preplanning and budgeting. The best way to possibly get me to your local convention is to tell the con you want me as a guest. Legit if you tell these guys who you want as a guest, they'll usually listen— SPECIALLY if there's a bunch of requests.

So if you're one of the people who have messaged me or who were planning to message me about me going to your local convention: Email your conventions guest liaison or convention coordinator that you would like to see me invited as a guest, provide links to the EC! website as well as to my contact page in my website so they can get a hold of me.

Seriously the fact I have to write this out is pretty fricken cool <3

Until next time!
~Melissa M ♥