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I'm well, I won't say normal because I'm not. I like yaoi, and anime and drawing.
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I have ten exams...
Minty, how would you feel if I told you you're brothers awesome, simply because he's YOUR brother?
Oh god I love him! he's adorable! I just wanna squish him~
I agree~ it's what I was kind of hoping from the beginning, but wasn't too sure it'd happen. still not too sure.
Gym, cause one, moe, dudes clumsy. and two, lets see that gym uniform whoo~! lol also, I love Kondo~ so unf, you can tell he's gonna be a good man, just gonna find it difficult to express himself~
February 26th, 2012
whoot~! why you so sexy luke? And you, rasputin, as cute a freaking uke. lol look at me already imagining scenarios~
why is it that I'm just barely noticing that your user pic is the two of them?
yeaaahhh, I'm kinda rooting for Daniel and Matt, I'm not so fond of Josh, never was. Oops, I mean Joshua.
September 17th, 2011
....they're both jackasses. Tsuki mainly cause she's acting like a bitch. She has a right to be like ya'know upset, but she doesn't need to go rage-pms-monster on like, everyone. And Kyandi, cause he shoulda said something way earlier. Also, I love the absence of Hoshi's reaction.
Baaaw! Screw it Mitch, become a demon! You'll be like ten times sexier!
Oh I so called it~ Cover update I was thinking yay~ Rasputin's finally gonna tell luke off~ Soo called it~ shoulda posted a comment~ Damn~!
Also, comment virginity~
omg, anal rape it doeesss, my friends used to make it a game to see who could do it the hardest, nearly cried one time.
Kiyo reminds me of a ganguro girl, that's actually attractive...and a guy...
Does Sergio not age anymore after this? Cause if he doesn't, my dreams are crushed, cause he'll stay young forever and Simon will continue to age and it'll be sad.
lol, and it's moments like these when I start to think Rasputin's growing on Luke
...oh, well then...Yesssssss!!! -gets hopes up- :D
and THEN i saw Luke's status...Taken, they're always taken.
I'm so secretly shipping Rasputin and Luke
DEXTER!!! *sobs* I missed him~!!!
He probably knew Santa once upon a time...He's old enough.
I agree too! >3
I know one of my teachers is on drugs, he was tripping out in class one day.
but seriously, these teachers are amazing, if I ever became a teacher, I'd be like that.